Title of Children's Book from Early 1970s

This is a long shot, but I’d like to know the title of a book that my 2nd grade student teacher read to the class in 1972. The story took place during an ice age and the main character was a cave man who hunted mammoth. That’s about all I remember. She would read for about half an hour each day and is one of my favorite memories from elementary school. Would love to read it now.

The only children’s book about cavemen I know is Stig of the Dump, but that’s set in modern day. Well, the 1960s.

Was the main character exiled from his people? I remember one like that, I’ll have to look up the title. He was kind of an inventor, learned how to make a bow, and to smoke meat.

How about this, Og - Son of Fire by Irving Crump.

I don’t remember him being exiled, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Og seems a possibility. I’m checking it out to see if something jogs my memory.


Is it Fire-Hunter, by Jim Kjelgaard?

This link is to Amazon, and you can even read part of the book. And sometimes cover pictures jog memories.