titles/licenses/certifications listed after a name

I am copy editor for a professional journal for acupuncture and Oriental medicine. All the authors have degrees and licenses, and they want all of these listed after their names.

I always list LAc (licensed acupuncturist) last in the string of degrees and certifications. I was taught/told by a dean in an AOM school to list licenses last.
Now I need professional “proof” that this is correct, even tho I KNOW it is correct, and that is how I do it for all the journal issues.

But I need to “impress”/convince someone in a higher position that I know what I am talking about. I need someone on this site to tell me I am correct, or not in listing all these initials after a person’s name, no matter if the are PhD, MD, etc.

example: Laura Brand, MSOM, DAOM, Dipl OM, LAc

this gives degrees in order of obtaining them, a certification (Dipl OM) and then their license.

Can someone with enough “credibility” to show my “superiors” please let me know asap?

thank you so much

what i know is a combination of british, latin, asian and american standards.

  1. a person of noble house with an attendant title or any person with an honorific bestowed carries that title for life and is sufficient to declare him/herself to anyone:

sir winston
dame judy
the duke of york
don vito
datu adib

  1. lifetime titles can also come from elected or appointed positions: mayor, congressman, senator, governor, mp. these titles can be carried for life, unless superceded by a new and higher position. the only exception to the lifetime title is the president or prime minister who, after his term, is addressed as mister.

the last rank in active military service is a lifetime title, so is a college deanship or rector. judges and justices too.

again, these titles are sufficient to declare one’s self.

  1. the only title acquired through formal education that one can permanently attach to his/her name is doctor (juris, philosophy, or medicine.)

  2. a professional qualification, whether given by the government or an accreditated private agency, may be attached to one’s name as long as the qualification is valid. however, most professionals add this qualification only in media related to the profession: resume, business card, advertisement details, business correspondences.

  3. other titles worthy of honor or respect (a congressional medal of honor awardee, an astronaut, hero of the revolution, etc,) may be mentioned in passing.