TiVo owners: Got any spare serial/IR cables?

Recently, we changed providers from cable (which did not require set-top boxes) to FIOS (which does).

Upon attempting to set up the TiVo on a secondary TV with the new set-top box, we discovered a problem. In order to work with a set-top box, the TiVo needs to be connected to the STB via Serial or IR control cable, in order to change channels correctly. The TiVo requires the cables for setup. Only Og knows where the cables have gone since we unboxed our TiVo two or three years ago.

Does anybody have either cable that they’d be willing to send us? Preferably the serial cable, but if we can only come up with IR cables, so be it. I’d pay shipping (I imagine a cheap bubble envelope will be enough through USPS), which I know will be far cheaper than the $7 (presumably plus shipping costs) that TiVo charges for replacement cables.

How about going to the computer store and buying a serial cable. Shouldn’t be more than $10-$12, and you will have it tomorrow.
BTW, check your set top box, not all of them work with a serial cables.

Forgot to mention, it’s not just a standard serial cable on both ends. Those I have plenty of spares (I can find every other cord and cable I’ve accumulated in the past decade, except these two!).

The serial control cable will look like this. A quick glance through my local Best Buy didn’t find one, but I didn’t scour through all of the possible areas where it could be, just in Computers.

And I already checked the STB. It will accept the connection for either the IR or the (9-pin) serial.

How about the TIVO store IR or serial cable? They have both on the page for $6.99 half way down the page.

You can actually make one of these pretty cheap yourself. Some sites on the web will show you how. It’s basically a headphone plug wired to a serial cable.