TiVo vs ReplayTV

Ignoring the common features and focusing on their distinct ones, this is what I’ve come up with for differences:

TiVo has:
[list=1][li]stuff that will go out and find other programs based on your indicated favorites[/li][li]Season Pass programming that will search out and record your programs no matter when they are on, even if they get bumped to another channel at 3 in the morning[/list=1] ReplayTV has:[list=1]the ability to play recorded programs on other units connected throughout your house[/li][li]the ability to send programs to other users over the 'net[/li][li]existing ethernet and USB connections[/li][li]the ability to set program recording over the 'net (remote scheduling)[/list=1] Many of the features the Replay has standard, TiVo will have soon by way of their Home Media Option, but that’s a feature you will have to pay for/buy, and that’s only on Series2; Series1 can do some of this stuff if you buy and install a TurboNet card and do some hacking.[/li]
For me, the Season Pass feature of TiVo is appealing, but the included ethernet features of the Replay are, too.

So, y’all have an opinion?

Satisfied TIVO Series 2 owner checking in.

TIVO seems to have a better user interface IMHO and a better support community for problems and upgrades.

Sending programs over the net sounds cool maybe…but TechTV did a comparison and said it would take many hours/days to send a typical program over the net at best quality.

One big thing missing would be the Replay TV feature that automatically removes all the ad’s from a TV show.

It got them sued by many media companies, so maybe they are no longer doing this?

Also: Why is it a bad thing to take hours/days to send a typical TV program over the net at best quality? I can wait. If my friend records a great show and wants me to see it he can send it through, and I will watch it tomorrow if I have to.

My most important question is: Can you use the networking features of Replay TV to save shows to your PC’s hard drive? I have asked this in several of these TVR threads and never gotten an answer.

Probably because it’s either illegal or violates the TOS of the device.

For example…the TIVO Forums say

ReplayTV doesn’t seem to have that problem:

Granted, that’s not off of the SonicBlue site, but…

IMO, the ability of the TiVo to hunt down things it thinks you’ll like is just glorious.


Thanks, I bought the TiVo.