TLC show about a child that would be infant-sized forever?

Does anyone remember this show about a family that had a daughter that would be infant sized forever? I was thinking of it as I read the thread about “the Ashley Treatment”.


There was a show about a Canadian girl who has Primordial Dawrfism. She won’t remain infant sized, but at 3 1/2 years old she was only 24" long and 9 lbs. She probably won’t grow taller than 3’, if that.


I don’t know about the television show, but the “Ashley Treatment” is being discussed here in Great Debates.

9 pounds? Are you sure that wasn’t 19 pounds? My daughter is 20 pounds and 26" and a scrawny little thing. She’ll be 2 in February, so she’s literally off the chart for tininess, but her doctor says she’s following the appropriate growing curve. She was a micropreemie, so we knew she’d likely be tiny for the first few years. Still, it’s a little unsettling seeing 1 year olds larger than her!

They had a TLC show about Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley, who has a form of primordial dwarfism. I think that’s the one you and StGermain are thinking of.

The article attached said weighed 5 kg. I think I’m right. She was smaller than her infant brother.


That’s close, but that wasn’t it. This little girl (if I remember right) was also mentally an infant.

Thanks anyway, I know it’s pretty vague.

My cousin’s kid was very premature (I believe he was a 6 month gestation). He’s in his early 20s and is still small, though not like a little kid; just a small adult male.

I see the biggest difference is that Kenadie’s head is very small, and Caileigh’s is proportionally normal for a toddler. That’s a lot of bone and weight right there. Her body, wrists and ankles look about the same as Caileigh’s.

Thanks for the link. She is a charmingly beautiful little thing, isn’t she?

It does say at her site that she’s just learning to talk at 4 years old. Is it possible the show you saw was produced a year or so ago before she was verbal?

That was a fascinating show. The one little girl was so upset about being so small. I hope that older dwarf had a positive influence on her.

Is this the case you mean?

Brooke Greenberg, 12 years old and still the size, appearance and mental capabilities of a toddler.

That’s…amazing and disturbing and wonderful all in about equal measure. I was afraid to click the link and see some glassy eyed vegetable, but she’s alert and active and smiles and gives great hugs. It’s obvious she knows what’s up at least as much as any 12 month old, and it doesn’t appear as though she’s suffering mentally, so more power to her!

I’ve seriously wondered sometimes how I would feel if Caileigh just never caught up to “normal” and y’know, if she’s happy and not suffering, it really wouldn’t matter, I guess. Don’t we always say we wish we could keep 'em little forever? :smiley: