TMBG fans...

What’s your favorite TMBG song?

1st record: “Nothing’s gonna change my clothes”
Lincoln: “The World’s Address”
Flood: “Someone Keeps Moving My Chair”
Apollo 18: “Dinner Bell” (can’t count the Fingertips medley)
Miscellaneous T: “Mister Klaw”
John Henry: “A Self Called Nowhere.”

Lost track of them after that…

I’ve been feeling the urge to hear “She’s an Angel” a lot lately. But all time favorite is definitely “Ana Ng.” Quirky, bittersweet and yet somehow upbeat.


All of 'em.

Well, maybe not all, but most. Seriously, dude, don’t make me pick.

greek number three and remix of world’s address. but those are only ones off the top of my head.

uh, whistling in the dark, turn around, anna ng, dead, where your eyes don’t go, the statue got me high,

and many many more.


The last few weeks, I can’t get enough of “(Everyone’s Your Friend In) New York City” Damn, that’s a good song.

I like their earlier stuff best. Their self titled debut album is pure genius. Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head, Rhythm Section Want Ad, Hide Away Folk Family, etc, etc.

I’m also amazed at how many phenomenally bad songs TMBG has had (e.g. S-E-X-X-Y , XTC vs Adam Ant). There isn’t a song that either of those two wacky Johns ever wrote that I’m neutral about. I love it or I hate it. It’s mostly love, though. :slight_smile:

hmm… I like Metal Detector, Spiraling Shape and Your Own Worst Enemy off of Factory Showroom… Why Does the Sun Shine? is classic… I always liked the big singles… one station around here plays “Birdhouse in Your Soul” every now and again which gives me a thrill. Ann Ng. They’ll Need a Crane. Dinner Bell. and for bonus points, Maine off of ‘State Songs.’

Istanbul. The song that made me buy my first TMBG CD. Still my favorite.

The first single version of the Sun that or Twistin’

It’s definitely not my favourite, but for some reason “Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love” sticks in my head for days at a time.

Don’t make me pick a favourite, please.

New York City (had it my mind for three days when I went to NYC last year)

Turn Around (any song with the word obsequious in gets extra points, especially this catchy tune)

The Sun (mega catchy - lots of fun)

Talking to an Angel (cos it reminds me of someone special now gone sigh)


My Evil Twin

I Palindrome I

Sing Like A Girl

and you always think of more just as you push Submit don’t you…

Don’t Let’s Start

Number Three


Hrm…and this is by no means a complete list:

Number Three

Whistling In the Dark

They’ll Need a Crane

Where Your Eyes Don’t Go


Minimum Wage

She’s An Angel

Particle Man

I Palindrome I

Statue Got Me High

And of course…my sig line. :slight_smile:

Shes An Angel is by far my favorite.

Other goodies:
They’ll Need a Crane
I Palindrome I
It’s Not My Birthday
The Bells are Ringing
Destination Moon

Worst TMBG song ever ever:
(She was a) Hotel Detective

Yes I do.

Dinner Bell
We Want A Rock (I just love that violin)
For Science
The Worlds Address (Joshua Fried Remix)

Damn, I feel like making a greatest hits mix now…

The Bells Are Ringing
Destination Moon
I Palindrome I
Birdhouse in Your Soul
Ana Ng
Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head
Mmmm, reverse chronological order


slaps himself

eek, I’m with Max, too many hard to pick. some at the top of the list though:

Particle Man


Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal

Purple Toupee

They’ll Need A Crane

Women & Men

Lucky Ball & Chain


My favorite is “It’s Not My Birthday”.

That just about sums it up, doesn’t it? Also, “Constellation”, “Cowtown”, “Purple Toupee”, “Dead”, “Twisting”, “Sleeping in the Flowers”, just about the whole first album… Ay, dios mio, there is too much.