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I know there are a couple other followers of Tuesday Morning Quarterback, so I figured you guys want to see this link. He does sound contrite, but it’s good to know TMQ will be back.

What was it exactly that Easterbrook wrote that caused him to get fired? I missed a couple of columns, and it was gone before I knew there had been any controversy. Anyone have a link to that?

It’s all on the New Republic’s website

Look for Easterblogg

The offending comment was one about the film “Kill Bill”

More here:


Damn, he should have known better not to write that in the first place. I would have thought Easterbrook would have been wise enough to leave explosive comments like that out of an entry that frankly didn’t need them to make its point.

But anyway. I often found TMQ to be mildly amusing, if a bit cheerleader- and rules-obsessed, and an interesting counterpoint to the usual “Boom! Whack! Pow!” style of football writing. I’ll try to check it out on the new site.