TN judge tosses out divorce, says SCOTUS now supreme arbiter of marriage

Quite a rant. :smiley:

In order to prevent confusion I edited the title to say arbiter instead of arbitrator per the OP’s request.

I predict this judge will be reprimanded ultimately for his decision.

oh that was funny … the judge has a skill in how to be a smartass that’s enviable …it will go to the higher up court and get settles tho

Good God. The next time I’m tempted to say I’m bitter about something, I will remind myself of this particular order so that I might have some perspective.

And I just noted the date on the OP’s article. There was aftermath.

oops, only read page header date, not article date. Still postworthy.

Yeah, I’d heard of this before. I’m pretty sure the judge was just making a public protest. He knew he wouldn’t be allowed to do that.

He knows that it would be his job to issue the divorce anyways, as that’s what the law says. The Supreme Court only nullifies laws after the case has made it to them.

The judge has every right to make a public protest. He just can’t use his office to do it.

Right: You’re allowed to whine, but not in a way that hurts other people. The judge could just as well have gone onto a local news website and posted his rant beneath some otherwise-unrelated article, like most of his kind do.

I didn’t say he was right to do it. I just said that’s what he was doing. He knew the consequences wouldn’t be too bad. If we want to keep people from doing shit like this, and we should, the consequences need to be more severe.

Going on his local news or whatever would not have made as big a story.