TNT has some pretty good programs -- but now comes the NBA stomping down the court

…and dashing my viewing pleasure to pieces.

You see, I’m not much of a sports fan, but I can watch and enjoy baseball or football on TV. It’s not hard for someone with little expertise to follow those games, and the sight of the players against the green grass is soothing. But I could never get into basketball or other indoor sports. Maybe it’s because the action is so fast that you really have to watch every second, so you can’t do other things like post on here concurrently.

Point the second is that it’s now late October. A time when it is difficult to find anything on the tube other than (a) B slasher flicks, (b) B ghoul movies, © B zombie movies, (d) B monster movies (Alien v. Predator: Whoever wins, we lose. Yeah, especially the audience!). (e) Reality shows (often about people hunting for ghosts in dimly lit rooms (“I saw that door move! Did you see that door move?”). God dammit, I was just looking for TNT on my cable guide, because I still don’t remember the number, and it’s NBA basketball, all night long. The B movies will be gone in a week, replaced by other B movies but at least it’ll be a change. But the NBA will be cluttering up my channel lineup for nearly six months to come. A game nearly every damn night when the Lakers or Clippers are away.

Don’t they have, like, sports channels for basketball games?

I don’t know; I would have thought that basketball would be relatively easy to follow for a novice. In baseball, it’s “Ooh, he hit the ball! That’s good, right? What do you mean, it’s not good, since that other guy caught it?”. In football, there’s the complication that you’re not just trying to get the ball down the field; you’re trying to get it down the field in a particular way, and two thirds of the game time is spent with the two teams lining up opposite each other and looking at each other in an intimidating way. But basketball is fast-paced and high-scoring enough that you can judge whether a play was good or not just by whether the ball goes through the hoop, and they’re pretty much always running around and being athletic.

I’m so ignorant of basketball I’m not sure what a three pointer is–is it when they score from the other end of the court?

As for baseball, what you say is true, but it’s something that we all know about and understand from earliest childhood. The fact that the team at bat often makes more progress with bunts and grounders than with flies is probably a metaphor for life. Or something. At least it’s simpler than cricket. :smiley: We don’t say, 19 not caught!

Then with football, I’m not sure I understand your first point. You either run the ball or pass it, and as long as the pass isn’t intercepted, or the runner tackled, or the ball fumbled, you get the yards. Oh, and field goals, by which the game tenuously retains its right to the name. (There are also onside kicks but I’m not clear on how those work.) For the novice spectator, as long as the ref doesn’t make your team put the ball back, the play was good. OTOH the constant lining up for scrimmage does slow things up a lot.

Something like that. There’s a big arc drawn on the court a certain distance from the basket, and any shot from behind that line is a three-pointer. Nobody ever tries shots literally from the other end of the court unless they’re desperate in a situation with a half a second left in the game.

Or if the pass touches the ground before anyone gets to it. But if the ball is kicked down the field, it doesn’t matter if it touched the ground first.

Not tenuous at all, since nobody ever plays mounted. The name “football” just means that the players are on foot, in contrast to polo, not that they necessarily handle the ball with their feet.

I’d be fine with them showing basketball if they woudl just keep it to the basketball games. Having the 1/4 screen animated crawl of a basketball player breaking the backboard, complete with sounds that DROWN OUT THE SHOW I AM WATCHING, is beyond annoying.

To somebody like me who is not intimately familiar with the rules of basketball, it looks like a bunch of guys running back and forth, back and forth, bouncing and throwing a ball, interrupted every few seconds by a ref blowing his whistle and then everybody lining up for a free throw. I’ve tried watching basketball, and all I ever notice is foul after foul after foul after foul, and no freakin’ clue what the foul actually was. Okay, I can recognize traveling (which, as I understand it, only gets called on non-“name” players) and double-dribbling, but that’s pretty much it.

Yeah and now that I’m in the mood to try out Fringe or Dollhouse on Fox, they are showing baseball for the next eleventy-zillion days.

Recently I was watching one of the Jurassic Park movies on SyFy. Everytime little ads popped up in the lower corner, wich characters moving around, I couldn’t help but have a momentary feeling that they would startle the T.Rex in the movie and endanger the characters there.

And it reminds me of gym class, which isn’t one of my fondest memories. It wasn’t really terrible either; it wasn’t like I was harrassed or bullied, or anything. But not being good at team sports it was a huge bore to have to change into the uniform, cold showers afterward, and so on and so forth.

And here I’d always thought they called it football to indicate that there were no horses trying to bounce polo balls off a backboard with their front hooves, as they stood and pranced around erect on their hind legs.

Part of my lifelong distaste for basketball happens to come from junior high gym class. I grew up without a television, so naturally I didn’t watch a lot of sports on TV (pretty much just watching the Super Bowl at a friend’s house). So when we played basketball in gym class, my knowledge of the rules was pretty much limited to the rudimentary explanation we were given in class. One day we were playing, and this older, bigger kid kept pushing me to the floor and threatening to kick my ass if I didn’t stop “fouling” him. Naturally, I had no idea what I was doing that he considered “fouling” him, and he refused to tell me because I “should know!” My best guess was that any attempt to block his shots was a “foul”. I assume I must have been doing something that he saw frequently called as a foul in NBA games. Or he was just an asshole :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel the same way. It’s really annoying to get home from work, settle in to watch the Simpsons (630), Malcolm in the Middle (700) and another Simpsons (730) only to find out that baseball is on. It really ticks me off.

Mister Rik, that sounds about like the gym class I had in ninth grade. The teacher adamantly refused to ever call any fouls, because “If I did, it’d be nothing but a foul-shooting contest”. Or maybe, just maybe, if he called fouls there’d possibly be a few less of them.

Then again, this is the same guy who thought that the average of six C grades was an F, and it’s not his fault, he didn’t write the laws of mathematics. It’s no wonder that he was a gym teacher.

It’s a lot easier to follow when actually attending a game; when I’ve been present at actual live basketball games I’ve had a great time. Watching on TV not so much, or maybe I just need a better TV.

I was really liking Bones, and TNT had been doing a three episode block of it every Tuesday, until last week. Admittedly, I’m not altogether happy with the arm twisting, karate chopping, judo flipping side of Dr. “Bones” Brennan revealed last week, perhaps because in the same episode, she admits to having trouble “reading people”. Her lack of social skills and graces is part of the charm and humor of the show, but with fists of fury like that it’s a dangerous combination! Also it’s not really supposed to be an action show.

But I’ll keep watching though, if I get the chance.