To: All who has AOL! (About the email, and the spam that comes!)

Ok, I have AOL, and my email is driving me crazy when it comes to spam. First off, every day I get MANY emails with attachments stating it’s a “special game” or a “new game”. May I ask you guys just what in the hell that “game” is and why it is being sent to me? Now obviously I don’t think it’s REALLY a game, more than likely a virus of such. So I know must ask…

…how can I stop crap like that, and other spam such as porn, etc… from coming to my AOL address? But more than anything…

…do any of you get the “game” emails, and if so, do you know what it is? :confused:

…Brent “Downhome” Lumkin…

Sorry, I don’t get the “game” emails, but I do get many many annoying spam emails. I just immediately delete them. Never open a file attachment if you don’t know who sent it.

You can forward spam to the address: tosspam (IIRC), and AOL will be glad to completely ignore you;)

I’ve gotten responses from tosspam before, thanking me for forwarding the junk e-mail I get. (I believe there’s another address to report AOL members. Check TOS.)

Would turning off attachments be a big problem for you? Because you could do that in mail controls on the master screen name. Just mess around with the controls. I block the worst offenders, which helps.


I’ve opened a couple (not the attachements, though, of course) and they’re all for online gambling. The thing I can’t figure out, though is why AOL refuses to put the filters that they have for message boards (allows you to block posts containing whatever word you don’t like) into mail. And why some of the addresses on my “block” list still get through…grrr.

Every so often, I just turn off all my AOL mail except for a select few IPs and other AOL users and leave it off for a week or two. It’s a bit of a pain but worthwhile when the results are nearly zero spams for the next few months.

Brent, do you have any slots left for available alternate screen names? Adding another name just for email could be a way to go.

This is one of the many reasons I am no longer on AOL. The last straw with the spam was when they came with “question from an ebay user” in the subject.
Hey, if any of you AOL users want to get 2 months free, just call and cancel. Then they’ll give you 2 months free, while you decide if you really want to leave. Plus a bunch of “secret” keywords that you can use to get discounts.