to anyone connected to furniture manufacturers

Perhaps you can help regarding this? (see this site):

Alternatively, why don’t home centers offer aluminum sheeting especially geared for such purpose, so I could construct my own lightweight furniture to my own specifications? Why doesn’t the world consider that perhaps non-muscular people wish to have a means to be independent & not have to rely all the time on others’ brawn? They seem to take for granted that everyone can easily maneuver heavy wood or pressed-wood furniture.

Interesting. We recently built a corner cabinet and entertainment center out of wood because we could not find exactly what my wife wanted. They were very simple and relatively cheap. Perhaps the problem is that wood, particle board and MDF are relatively cheap. I forwarded this to a friend who makes custom built modern furniture out of steel. He won’t steal your idea, but there must be some reason not to use Al.

I actually don’t mind if anyone steals the idea. All I want is availability of such products! And I also wouldn’t mind if there were a “make a wish foundation” for people who have needs, and practical ideas, but no means. Because I have many other ideas which could fill needs gaps, and I’m sure others do too.

BTW, Nenders (in case your friend is interested) here’s an update. Specifically Item (6) and its corresponding gif in this alternate site: