To-do list

Fortunately, we’re near the beach so it’s 80º here instead of ‘high-80s’. The humidity generally isn’t too bad. Not like when we lived in the Mojave Desert, but not like Louisiana either.

Well, I never did get the vehicles washed or the battery charged. I did clean the fire pit though.

Yesterday we had a couple of maple trees cut down. Mrs. L.A. was sick of the leaves falling everywhere every year. Besides, a couple of the trunks were leaning a bit, and limbs were spreading out everywhere. The tree cutters chunked up the trunks to fireplace size. Now I have to move all of it to the other side of the yard and stack it up. And then after it dries for a few months, I need to chop the chunks up into firewood.

No time for fun! :frowning:

First law of to-do lists: No matter how many items you complete, an effectively maintained to-do list will always get longer rather than shorter.