To Hell with Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Back in June, nutcase Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association annouced it would boycott Ford because it advertises Jaguar and Land Rover products in the gay media, including The Advocate. Ford representatives met with AFA and now comes the annoucement that Ford will stop advertising Jag and Land Rover in gay media.

from Wards Auto

Ford spokesman Mike Moran confirmed to that the company will stop advertising its Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications but insisted it was strictly a business decision.

The AFA says it still has “a few differences with Ford, we feel that our concerns are being addressed in good faith and will continue to be addressed in the future.”

I guess Volvo is one of the “outstanding issues” that Ford continues to negotiate in good faith and may end, too.

Way to go, Ford.

oh that’s a fukcing shame because I’m liking my Taurus and was going to stick with Ford when it came time for a new car - but not now.
I won’t eat or shop at Cracker Barrell any more either. I’m not gay but this kind of buckling under pressure pisses me off

Actually Cracker Barrel came round to the side of fairness in 2002 by adding sexual orientation to the company’s written non-discrimination policy.

If only all people boycotted the AFA they’d lose their power to influence.

Unfortunately there seems to be enough bigoted fucks who want to be members to give the AFA some power. It’s a real shame that companies listen to them but it’s a bigger one that people join these ‘hate’ groups in the first place.

perhaps - but they still haven’t hired any

small minded people who fear what they don’t understand

Not the first time. I seem to remember something about Henry Ford and Jews.

What sucks about this is that it’s hard to boycott products you never intended to buy in the first place.

On the contrary…Ford (et al) has no idea you weren’t going to buy their product.

Tell them you were (in an appropriately vocal manner), and then go buy your Camry!


I was considering a Focus wagon, since there are so few small, reasonably-priced station wagons on the market, but I guess I’ll look elsewhere.

Our recent Corolla purchase is looking better all the time. Seriously, domestic cars can’t compete against imports in North America because domestics are, plain and simple, crap, so I guess that is why they feel they have to cave in to hate groups. On the plus side, domestic car companies will probably all go bankrupt soon and it will be a non-issue.

How on earth do you boycott the AFA? It’s not like they sell products that anybody needs. I’d cancel my subscription to their newsletter, but that would mean I’d have to suscribe in the first place, and it hardly seems worth going to all the trouble.

By the way, is it true that the Subaru Forester is especially popular among lesbians? What does Donald WildMan have to say about that?

Ahhhh, how we laughed as Rover collapsed :smiley: The irony being that Ford are one of the big & consistently-successful companies over here.

Gee! Talk about bigotry! Hate your neighbor! Dumb son of a bitch is lazy and makes lousy products. Gotta buy Japanese stuff made by people who never have
taken responsibility for Pearl Harbor nor foresworn all of this Master Race fascism crap.

Let’s deal with the “hard-working, virtuous Japanese” who believe we are all subhuman crap because we aren’t “ethnically pure” like they are.

Pulling ads from a few gay-interest magazines pales in comparison with Japanese bigotry, IMHO.

Give Billy Ford a break. He comes from a long line of bigots and has tried, up until now, to suppress his genetic predispositions. Poor Billy was born disadvantaged despite being born rich.

Great Grandpa Henry was a Jew-hater who also refused to sell cars on credit to blacks. When I was growing up in the 1960s, I almost never saw a black or a Jew driving a Ford product-- and Old Henry had been dead 20 years. The rise of GM was as much about personality as about product.

According to Lee Iacocca, Billy’s Uncle Henry, Henry Ford II, was also a bigot, but just more closeted about it.

Exactly. Ford tried to advertize in a gay publication, got complaints for it and stopped. While you may have thought that Ford should have gave the bird to those who complain, those people maybe are Ford’s main consumers. So to punish this attempt to reach out (and increase market share), you are going to buy from the japanese?!?!? - you know not what you do.

Well, Ford’s decision constitutes a big fuck-you to gay people. Why should I, as a gay person, buy any of their products? Fuck off, and spare me your tantrum about my decision not to buy from a company that obviously doesn’t want my business.

Anyway, at least I’m not bigoted against an entire nation, as apparently you are. Though odds of me being stupid enough to saddle myself with a domestic car were essentially nil before this anyway. So I suppose it makes no difference in my purchasing decisions anyway. If you don’t want me to buy a Japanese car, kanicbird, come up with a reasonable alternative.

What about Audi and Mercedes? They’re both in the latest issue of The Advocate.

Trying to make sense of this post, it appears that you think buying a Japanese car is worse morally than buying a domestic car.

1 - I don’t know what you mean by “Hate your neighbor!” Do you mean hate the U.S. because that’s where most of the Canadian domestic cars are made, or hate my neighbour, who probably works in the oil patch here in Calgary?

2 - Pearl Harbor doesn’t mean much to me. Canada was involved in WWII well before that.

3 - If we’re going to go back to WWII to not buy cars on moral grounds, all the German companies were in bed with the Nazis.

4 - How can you tell if you saw Jews driving Fords or not? I personally can’t tell if someone is Jewish by looking at them, unless they have a yarmulka on. ;j

Nor have they done anything to make it up for the workers they fired back in the 90’s for being gay or lesbian.

Yeah, Jaguar or Land Rover had every model rated below average in reliability by Consumer Reports. And they took 3 places on the list of “Bad Bets” for used cars, too.

Not brands I would have been looking at much, even before this.