To hell with magazine publishers.

The business is run by a bunch of scumbuckets in the first place but that’s not my current rant.

So you break down and subscribe to a monthly periodical for a year. Then, when they get around to fulfilling the subscription, they send you two or three issues within a week. They’ve unloaded overprint copies. You thought you were subscribing for the next year and you get shit that was printed a couple of months ago and your subscription has therefore been shortened. In about a month they will start with their renewal notices.

Then they wonder why people go to the internet for current information while their business is spinning into the toilet.

And then it’s time to renew your subscriptions! YES! You must RENEW NOW or risk losing these special savings FOREVER!!! This is your LAST CHANCE to renew at this SPECIAL rate!!

One of my favorite magazines sent me one of these things the other day. My subscription expires in June 2009. :rolleyes:

And don’t forget those magazines that publish a weird number of issues per year, with some issues being double issues, and others regular issues. And if they publish, say, 13 times a year, their basic subscription rate is for 12 issues. So my husband cannot count on getting me a sub to one of my favorite magazines each year for an annual present. This particular magazine also notifies me that I need to renew my subscription NOW at this price! Several times a year!

There are also magazine subscription services. I took a women’s magazine for a year once (it was Woman’s Day, or Family Circle, or something like that). The magazine evidently sold my name, and now I regularly get a subscription offer that looks almost identical to a bill. Only by carefully reading it could I determine that it was a subscription OFFER, and not a bill that I had agreed to pay. I wonder how many people are conned into that trap?

For the past two years, we have been receiving regular copies of Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Cruising World, ESPN, Golf Digest, Men’s Health, and a couple of others I can’t remember.

AT NO TIME did either me or my husband subscribe to any of these. And of course, along with all the crappy magazines, we get tons of letters telling us to RESUBSCRIBE! OR LOSE THESE SPECTACULAR SAVINGS!

I’m baffled. At least I have the consolation of knowing I’ve never paid money for any of them. I guess eventually they’ll stop coming.

I ditched Discover magazine for National Geographic last year after realizing Discover charges 25% more in Canada than they do in the 'States, for no good reason.

In fact, I think it’s time I reminded them of that fact again.

I got Better Homes and Country Living (or Pimp This Cottage or something) the same way. And those fakey “bills” come all the time–for mags we don’t even have. I don’t want Mother Jones OR Soldier of Fortune, thankyouverymuch.

Sadly, despite our efforts (we told the mag), we get a mag to our address but to someone else’s name. I hope she’s not paying for something she’s not getting…

Now THAT’S an interesting magazine combo. I think I’ll subscribe to both, just to worry my postal carrier.

GQ does you one better. If you pay by debit or credit card they decide that you want the magazine…forever. They just bill you the $10 a year until you die or something. Or change debit cards like I did and then they send you to collections because you didn’t resubscribe. Sad truth is though that I love getting magazines. There’s more than 20 or so that I’d get a month if I could swing it and they would all fit in my mailbox.

Somebody you’ve bought something from sold your personal info to those magazines. I started getting Newsweek a couple of months ago. I called them up and asked why, and they told me it was because I had ordered a t-shirt from They offered to cancel the subscription if I wanted, but I said I didn’t mind receiving it as long as I wasn’t being charged for it. I’ve subsequently heard of people with unsolicited free magazine subscriptions having the renewal automatically charged to their credit card. I’ve already started getting renewal notices from Newsweek, so I assume that won’t happen in this case, but I’m keeping an eye out just in case.

And then they are full of all those fall out cards, and tearout ones that get in the way of reading, and half the pages don’t have numbers so you can’t find “cont on pg 215”, and then there are advt supplements that don’t cuunt as pages, and the table of contets is about 10 pages in so you can’t find it. Christ, do you want to just friggin give up your fight with the internet?

No, you’ll probably keep getting them. Do you live in a zip code that has a high demographic? They’ll use that to cook up a bunch of phony numbers that they present to their advertisers. “Our average subscriber is between 18 and 34, makes over $100 thousand a year and spends $50 thousand a year on your product and is going out right now to buy your competitors product unless you put an ad in our trashy magazine that will never get read because we have to give it away in order to have something on which to base our lies.”

Interesting. I like GQ (I even find the fashion columns and advice useful) and have come this close to subscribing a few times on their website, but have never followed through. Your post might have saved me a little bit of problem in the future.

And, I like getting magazines as well. It’s even hard for me to get rid of them, in the way it’s hard to get rid of books. I’ve been saved by the fact that college students are often targeted for free subscriptions-- unfortunately, GQ isn’t among them.

The only magazines I get that aren’t subscribed are the free ones made locally, that are only two pages of poorly written articles of a couple of columns long, and the other 200 pages are real estate ads.

I just chuck them in the bin as soon as they appear, as I did not request them, I do not intend on buying a house, and I have a “no junk mail” sticker on my mailbox that is always completely ignored by everybody.


Several rags do that. I’ve had Guns & Ammo send me to Collections because I failed to renew as they wanted me to.

We subscribe to over a dozen magazines, so I experience all of the complaints in this thread every week. What I consider most ironic is the magazine that has the greatest number of blow-in/bind-in cards is the one on sustainable living (Mother Earth News).

I keep getting the renewal notices that promise me amazing discounts if only I’ll give a gift subscription to somebody. I don’t want to give gift subscriptions.

Shame, most college students could use a little sartorial advice. :smiley:

I don’t really mind it too much, it’s only $10 or $12 a year or some other tiny sum and it’s nice to know that I don’t have to do anything to keep getting the magazine, but what I didn’t care for was the fact that by ignoring their resubscription notices when I decided I didn’t want it anymore that I was in fact violating a contract that they could collect on. Yes, it’s my fault, but it’s still reeks of shenanigans on their part. So I paid up and have another continual subscription with them, but they gave me pictures of Megan Fox in a bikini this month so we’re good.

See, I just get G&A and Guns, and American Handgunner (perhaps the best magazine in print today) for free from my dad when he’s done with them.

That’s the fix for all the ills in this thread. Just find someone else who gets the magazines you want, and then ask to read them when they’re done. Unless they’re pornos. :wink:

Why would you expect the mailman to follow that request? There’s mail addressed to you, it goes to you. What if your idea of junk mail isn’t matching with his (for example, I hate most junk mail, but man, I love some of the random catalogs that get sent to me!). And what’s he supposed to do? Throw your (junk) mail out, when it’s addressed to you and he’s supposed to deliver it?

“Junk” mail is what keeps the Post Office in business. If they weren’t delivering all this other stuff, they couldn’t deliver your First Class letters for a very reasonable price. USPS - junk mail = FedEx.

Back to the OP, why…if I’m your “valued subscriber” don’t I get renewal offers as good as J. Random Schmoe off the street? I love The New Yorker. Fucking love it! I read every article in every issue, other than the fiction and poetry.

I have a two year subscription that was included in my copy of Wired. Great deal - $25 a year. So why, if I’m such a “valued subscriber”, am I offered the opportunity to renew my subscription at the low, low price of $47 per year? I’m already a subscriber! Your cost of acquiring me as a subscriber is nothing - I’m already subscribing!

So I always let it lapse, while the renewal offers get more and more frantic. But somehow, the offers never improve. Meanwhile, they are probably spending more than the difference in a fruitless effort to get me to re-subscribe at twice the price.

There are two nearly useless double issues every year - the “Fiction” issue and the “Style” one. If I’ve timed it right, it will expire just before the “Style” one. Then I can start a new subscription with a slightly different variant of my name (so I can track who they’re selling my info to).

I don’t feel bad. I’m hardly in their target demographic. I don’t live in New York, I don’t make $200,000+ a year and I’ll never buy anything at Cartier, let along a honking huge, ugly diamond-encrusted watch.

Well, on the flip side one can always do this mean trick- take all of the “Yes!! Sign me up NOW!!” cards that you can find and start putting down other people’s names and addresses. Works really well if you have a diverse collection of friends contributing those subscription cards.

Some people I know did this to a disliked college professor one year and even included those infomercial call in offers. College prof was seriously swamped with printed material and stuff he never ordered.