To Infinity....and Beyond! With NASA

According to Yahoo news, the new space suit design looks eerily like Buzz Lightyear’s, right down to the colors:

Is this for real? If so, is it because Pixar was looking closely at in-the-works designs? I ca n understand the domed helmet and all. What gets me are the white suit with fluorescent (!) green stripes and the black belt.;_ylt=A0PDoV4ggdNQUzQA_C2JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?<b>BUZZ+LIGHTYEAR+<%2Fb>DE+COLECCIÓN+(MARCA+THINKWAY…&p=glowing+buzz+lightyear&oid=a628f74eb86c86da8ac54e8975837fa8&fr2=&fr=yfp-t-701&tt=MI%2B%253Cb%253EBUZZ%2BLIGHTYEAR%2B%253C%252Fb%253EDE%2BCOLECCI%25C3%2593N%2B%2528MARCA%2BTHINKWAY…&b=91&ni=200&no=103&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=12hhlunmt&sigb=14f11v0on&sigi=11sb5ii85&.crumb=G.kSrW0OssH

They might as well have screamed “Buzz Lightyear!”

Now, if the NASA suit has flip-out wings, and a wrist laser, I’ll be even more impressed.

Did you notice it has a port for “rear entry”?