To join the Army, should I know how to swim?

Ok, if you have been in the form that I posted about my possibly joining the Army, you know what’s on my mind. So, here is my question…

…if I do this, I plan on getting into the job of Military Police. Now, will I need to know how to swim, take any swiming tests, etc… to reach that goal? Do you even have to do anything like that in Basic or anything?

(On a side note, just so I don’t start another topic)

What is the difference between a CD-R and CD-RW CD? I have a burner on my computer, but I don’t know which CD’s to buy, as I don’t know the difference in them!

Dunno about swimming…

CD-R is CD recordable, means you can record something on it once and that’s how it’s going to be forever. CD-RW is CD rewritable, meaning you can write something to it… Then erase it all later and write something else on it. I believe CD-Rs work in more normal CD players than CD-RWs do.

The Army calls it “drown-proofing”. Man, they’ve got terminology for everything. You don’t need to know how to swim in this training, just how not to drown. Part of your yearly safety training. As an MP, you might get more in-depth training.

What BrandonR said.

Regarding swimming in the Army…

Like Horseflesh said. You’ll learn how to use various peices of equipment and uniform to keep from drowning. (The US Army has one of the largest fleets in the world, don’t forget :slight_smile: ).

It probably wouldn’t hurt to take some basic instruction at your local YMCA before going in, if you are not a swimmer.

You should learn to swim. Period. Army or no.

Now, go soak your head. And the rest of you, too. :wink: