To My Mixed Race Latino Cousins

I have noticed there are a lot of posters here who claim they’re of mixed race Hispanic descent.

Just for the record, I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil of a pure race Spanish father, and a pure race Portuguese mother.

However, I find it untimely tragic that my Spanish and Portuguese forefathers, would lower themselves and choose to sleep with your Negros and Indian mothers in South America, when they were so far away from home, longing to return to Spain

My fathers were lonely, and in the middle of the jungle somewhere, and your mothers are whores.

These Spanish/Portuguese men were just merchant marines, working class men who needed an outlet, and your whore madres were more than happy to accomdate.

These men are not your fathers. You are bastards.

Latin America and the Caribbean is made up almost entirely of Mestizo and Mulato trash children.

Shame on my fathers. Shame… but they are my fathers, not yours.

Let it be known here and now. Mixed race Hispanics have no right to claim orgins from God’s own great Iberian race.
Warm Regards


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