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Stoidela has a math problem and I can’t post in GQ right now–See: “Can’t post in GQ!” by TheIncredibleHolg. I figure MPSIMS is as good a place as any to dump my clipboard into, and I figure Eutychus55 and Nickerz can get this thing back into the “Innumerate needs formula! (Simple - help!)” thread anyway. Sorry to make more work for you two.

Ok…forever in my debt huh? :smiley:

Let x = The percentage dollar amount you get.

The percentage is 85%

Let y = The gross amount from which the percentage amount is paid to you.

The following is then true:

x = 85% of y

Stated another way:

x = 0.85 * y

Same thing, and 0.85 is easier to work with anyway.

If you want to know what y is, do this:

y = x / 0.85

Using your example:

x = $145.00

y is unknown

x is 85% of y


x = 0.85 * y

Rearranging the formula:

y = x / 0.85

y = $145.00 / 0.85

y = $170.5882353 or $170.59

Now, to check our finger work, we can take 15% of $170.59 and add it to $145.00 (cuz 15% + 85% = 100%):

15% of $170.59 = $170.59 * 0.15 = $25.5885…call it $25.59

$145.00 is 85% of something, and we hope that something is $170.59

$145.00 + $25.59 = $170.59…works for me.

Will that be cash, credit card or check?
Lessee, I get 15% of forever, and your cut is 85%…Kewel! :wink:

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Hoping to have Stoidela in my debt I had written:

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Think of it this way:

Y x .85 = N therefore
N / .85 = Y

In your example, if you get 85%, which is $145, and I get 15%,

Take 145 and divide by .85 and you get

I get $25.59.
Take 25.59 and divide by .15 and you get

Is this what you want? Hope it helps!

Gosh, I feel like a damsel in distress that has been well and truly rescued!

Thank you all for rushing to my aid…much appreciated!