To teach or not to teach?

Before I begin, let me say that I have long wanted to teach, but have been sidetracked by one thing or another throughout the years.

I now have the opportunity to return to college and get my teaching certification to teach secondary education, English. I’d love to teach middle (jr. high) school. However, I keep hearing about all the No Child Left Behind crap, and how teachers hate it, and how they’re teaching to test, not teaching to learn. I don’t want to get into a situation where I’ll regret putting up with all the BS, but on the other hand…I think I’d love to teach. (I’ve been in informal teaching situations before, and loved it.)

Has anyone decided that they’d give up teaching? How long did you teach, and what, and why give it up?

Teachers, do you like teaching? Why or why not?

This is going to be a slight cut in pay over my social services job (never thought I’d hear that coming out of my mouth…never thought it was possible), not including some additional college loans, but if it’s something that will be mentally worth it in the long run, then I’m prepared to suck it up to do what I (think) I want to do.