To the Doper stuck in grade 2 (very mild, downright tame)

In this thread, ZenBeam asks what is quite obviously a theoretical, or academic, question about a proposed new cell phone ordinance in his area. Basically, he was wondering whether the proposed law would violate the presumption of innocence principle.

Midway through the thread, Colibri, wearing his mod hat, notes that:

Exercising the good sense that seems to always be his, Colibri, after explaining that it’s been reported, but is not asking for advice on a specific individual case, lets the thread remain open.

I can’t believe someone ‘told on’ ZenBeam. Even if it was a request for legal advice (which anyone with a working brain could see it clearly wasn’t), why would anyone care enough to report it? To ‘taddle’. What business is it of theirs if someone wants to ask for legal advice? Who gives a shit? Would the Boards implode? Who cares if a, relatively minor, thread slips through? And they’re gonna tell on him?

People like that bothered me in grade 2 (“I’m going to tell the teacher what you did!”) and they still bother me now. Self-righteous, self-important dildos.

The moderators and administrators have said time and time again that they want posters to report threads, posts, etc. that appear to violate board policy, since they cannot be everywhere at once.

^Agreed. But how can ZenBeam’s OP be seen to violate board policy without also viewing 90% of all GQ OPs as also being in violation?

I don’t know. Maybe that thread did not need to be reported… But I was responding to Karl’s idea that reporting a post was somehow “telling” on someone.

Reporting a post is doesn’t harm the reported poster, unless he is screwing up somehow. It’s just another tool that the mods have to do their job.

Officially, sure… but I bet secretly they’re like the second-grade teacher who tells her class to come to her with any problems, and yet can’t help but roll her eyes every time Polly Prissypants scampers up to squeal that Billy Bully is making FACES at her again

The “no medical advice” and “no legal advice” rules, while I can see the reasoning behind them, do seem to hamper my enjoyment of this board just a bit, especially when there are people (and as the OP demonstrates, not necessarily mods) who feel those rules need to be enforced so strictly. It makes me leery or asking for starting threads asking for any advice at all.

For example, last week, I had an electrical problem at my house, and I thought, “Maybe I should make a post on the SDMB to ask about it.” Immediately, I imagined the response, “OMG why are you posting here call the electrician !!!11!!!11!” and thus decided against it. I’m not even sure why, later, when I thought about it, I had that response…maybe it’s that electricians are also quite expensive and perhaps unnecessary for a minor problem. Obviously, it’s my own hangup. Perhaps the post reporter has their own hangup the other way–“OMG, it’s talking about the law, that’s legal advice, bad bad bad!”



I think this is a good cautionary tale about the need for accurate thread titles. I’m reasonably sure that whoever reported the thread did so on the assumption that the OP was looking for legal advice after being cited. The OP could have (and should have) made clear in his title that the question was based on a hypothetical, and that he hadn’t actually been cited.

So this is an issue of clarity more than anything else.

I would like to see a valid hall pass for each of you. I don’t believe you are supposed to be in this thread at this time of day. :smiley:

While we are on the topic, could someone tell me what I should do about this nasty rash that flared up right after the sight went in my right eye?

I felt the sting before I heard the report.

Damn! I wish I’d said “And I meant it to sting.” I’ve been reading Wodehouse all week.

Call a lawyer.

I am not your lawyer, or anybody’s lawyer, because I am not a lawyer. I am also not a doctor. This is not medical advice, or legal advice, or a valid tax deduction.

You have both mild pleurisy and a valid cause of action against the Department of Agriculture. I recommend shotgunning a sixpack of Red Bull and filing suit against TubaDiva at once.

And I think it’s a cautionary tale about how people should read the OP, and not just the title, of a thread before responding to it—or reporting it.

Hear, hear!

Lets say that I report a thread that is absolutely rock solid not in need of reporting. What’s the harm? The mod will look at it, decide to do nothing, and life will go on.

I’m a doctor AND a lawyer; I’m your doctor, and your lawyer. I think you should ignore your medical condition and go on a shooting spree at your local grade school.

Imagine Cat Whisperer’s shock, when later that day she heard on the radio that. . .