To the lady who called me a homophobic fucktard the other day

Did I say anything about making it illegal?

If she’d said, “Yes,” then she could’ve gone into the bar. He was giving her a chance to tell a white lie in order to get what she wanted. How, again, is that shitty?


Now, see, the “legal guardian” thing would have thrown me. That, not the wedding ring, would have made me ask, “Is she your daughter?” I would have seen the wedding ring as a non sequitur…until it occurred to me that the “legal guardian” statement was the real non sequitur.

I disagree. The woman said “I’m her legal guardian.” That would not include a spousal relationship (and in this case, the “marriage” was not even legally recognized). Asking for clarification of “legal guardianship” is perfectly fair. I would have been confused too, even though I might think I knew what the woman was saying, I would still try to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and inquire as to whether there was any legitimate “legal guardianship” going on.

I would guess that lord Ashtar would probably have done the same thing if the 44 year had been a MAN and said “I’m her legal guardian.”

I learned on this board that midgets (regular human proportions but smaller) result from glandular issues that are more easily correctable, so that they are rarely seen anymore while dwarves are.

How dumb was this woman? Didn’t anyone tell her she was in Virginia? Isn’t this one of the states that no longer recognize civil unions between people of the same gender? And she was expecting her marriage to carry any water with whatever bureau enforces laws about “minors” being in bars? And then she goes off on a bouncer for not breaking the law for her! What a moron.

I would never ever do such a thing. It’s against ABC regulations. :wink:

That wouldn’t be a Fast Eddies, would it?

Did she actually say “fucktard”?

Someone asked that above, but if you answered I didn’t see it.

Have you heard about this story out of Britain? A 70-year-old great grandmother married her 31-year-old boyfriend.

I agree LA that you did absolutely nothing wrong.

A question though about qualifying as a “legal gaurdian”: Can a father bring in his underage son and son’s underage friend? What about if the actual son isn’t present?

Seems like there’s some room for debate here, no?

Lord Ashtar, have you seen this guy’s blog? Great stuff, I think.

Bungalow Billiards, actually.

Pool and Brew and Great Food Too![sup]TM[/sup]

That’s a good question. I know he’d be able to bring in his son without a problem. Could he bring his son’s friend? I don’t know the answer to that. I’ll ask my manager next time I’m there. Good question.

And yes, she did say “fucktard”. If she wasn’t being so rude to me I probably would’ve asked her if she was a doper, since I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else say that.

The thin skinned lesbian is a DOPER!

That reminds me of a MPSIMS thread I started shortly after I took this job. Linky poo.

It disrespects their relationship.

First, I think you’re assuming that this woman was aware of what does and doesn’t constitute “legal guardian” in regards to entering a bar. Second, when would a parent ever point to a wedding ring to indicate a parental relationship? Finally, there were ways the OP could’ve asked for this “clarification” that didn’t disrespect the relationship. “Is she your daughter?” when the woman has pointed to a wedding ring is ridiculous. If Lord Ashtar honestly couldn’t figure out what pointing at a wedding ring meant despite being “pretty sure [he] understood what she was saying,” simply asking “I’m sorry, what is your relationship” gets that clarification without being insulting about it. I’m not saying the OP is a 'phobe but I can’t say as I don’t understand why the woman would be upset about the manner she was questioned.

The OP said that this was a “rule” of the bar, not a law.

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Probably best you didn’t. I don’t think she would’ve taken kindly to the accusation of being a drug addict. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone else mentioned this, and it befuddles me too. Do 20 year olds have legal guardians? I thought that only people under 18 would need a legal guardian. I can see that it might be a phrase that’s easiest to use and be understood in the context of parents taking their children to bars, but outside of a parent and child relationship, I can’t see how on earth this woman would think that just because she’s older than her wife that she would be her wife’s legal guardian. It seems really creepy.