To the little bastards who threw eggs at my car this weekend

A solution that I know has worked in the past is to post a $100 reward for information leading to their arrest. Promise anonymity, and post them where neighborhood kids will see them.

If you havn’t egged you havn’t lived!

And about girls not egging your way off. Only some of us don’t have too good of an arm and aim at fast moving vehicles. Waste of ammo missing the target all the time. One Easter camping expedition riding in the back of the cab-over camper pulling a boat on the freeway us girls tried bouncing off water filled balloons off the windshields of passing cars. It worked. The balloons bounced off and didn’t break. Wasn’t the effect we wanted. Eggs worked great! Splat right on the windshield. The state patrol tried to pull mom over but she saw them and didn’t think they were for her and kept going. Finally they set up a road block and she stopped. When the troopers opened up the back of the camper we were all sleeping. They knew it was us and when I think about that today I’m glad nobody got hurt! When my dad found out he cracked our heads together and we had to clean the grill. It was the end of my egg throwing days!

Hallowe’en 2001 some little fucker egged my car in Dublin. Passenger side, rear window.

Hallowe’en 2003, some little fucker egged my car in Cork. Passenger side, rear window.

When I observed the mess the next day, I found that the 2001 egg muck was still there, and the second little fucker had got an almost direct hit on the two-year-old mess.

I finally got round to cleaning it off in February this year.

soccer mom != yuppie scum.

We were egging Volvos and Beamers in the fancy neighborhoods.

However, I will grant you that using the soccer mom minivan as the vehicle of mayhem is at least a little ironic.

Eggs might not be paint solvent but thay can definitely damage a paint job if left on too long, even without 'ol Sol cooking them. The cost of a new paint job elevates an egging above the level of “prank.”

Well, shit. You learn something new every day.

So they’ll soon get bored with egging and move on to more serious vandalism. Then, when a building burns down and people die, everyone will say, “How could this happen? We only have good kids in our community!”

Trunk, who the fuck appointed you and your friends the ones to bring balance to the Force? So you “only” egged “Volvos and Beamers in the fancy neighborhoods”. That still doesn’t make it right. And yola, I’m glad you’re proud of yourself too. :wally

I wouldn’t say I’m proud that I egged cars but come on. Where do you find potential adults who never did anything wrong out of the eyes of the law?

What do you do when a seagull poops on your car?

Well you crtainly don’t blame the seagull. Is it your contention that human adolescents and birds are to be held equally accountable for their actions?