To the little shits who are hell-bent on ruining my honeymoon...

Okay. It’s midnight, Airman and I have just driven the hour from Biloxi to New Orleans, and we’re both exhausted, having had one of the busiest days of our lives.

We check into the hotel, get to our room, and lo and behold, the adjoining room is occupied by a bunch of screaming teenagers who are apparently on some kind of a school trip or something. They’re also apparently unsupervised, because they’re making all kinds of noise, slamming the doors, calling their friends in other rooms, and trying to get into our room. This last one scared the hell out of me, for obvious reasons.

I ended up calling security at 12:30 am. What did security do? Nothing. The kids went to sleep, only to start fresh bright and early in the morning. Fortunately, they left the hotel for a while, giving us a reprieve while we got dressed to go to breakfast.

We got back from breakfast in dire need of a nap. (No, really. We did sleep.) These kids were back in their room, raising six kinds of hell. Fortunately, someone called downstairs, who, I think, talked to the “responsible” adult, who got the kids calmed down for about twenty minutes before the noise started.

Now, to the kids…

Look, you little hooligans. I know you may not be used to staying in hotels in the middle of downtown New Orleans, but that still does not give you the right to treat the experience like a slumber party. There are other people around you, over you, and under you who have paid for the privilege of a good nights’ sleep, just as you (or your parents) have.

Just because there is a door there, doesn’t mean you can open it. There’s a reason it’s locked, punks. It’s because the hotel does not want you to go through it, because my husband and I are behind that door. No, we don’t want to meet you.

No, wait. We do. We want to meet you so we can find whoever’s supposed to be supervising you and let them know what you’re up to. I know you may be kids, and you may be taken by the novelty of the hotel experience, but that’s still no excuse for poor behavior.


If the management won’t do anything I would tell them that if they *don’t * that you are going to call the cops. After all, those kids are disturbing the peace. Probably the cops wouldn’t do anything either, but it would get the hotel marked in their books at least, and I doubt the hotel wants that. Also, find who the regional manager is and write to them about the incident. Get the local manager’s name and tell him/her what you are doing.

How about asking for another room? Complain until the management solves the problem. I agree with the first post. Contact someone up the chain of command.
The fact that they tried to enter your room makes for a more serious case. Maybe you could demand another room.

Complain loudly and often. Complain long enough so that you not only get a room in a quieter section of the hotel (if there is one), but you also get your room comped for this stay or vouchers for a future stay at the same hotel chain. You’re giving this hotel your hard-earned money for the sake of having an enjoyable stay. It’s their responsibility to provide it.

Complain to as many people as it takes until it’s resolved to your satisfaction. Don’t take no or “I’m sorry, that’s not possible” for an answer.

Ditto what the others have said: Be a squeaky wheel.

Get it thoroughly documented, wait a year, spend a little time in therapy, and then turn around and sue the hotel management for honeymoon trauma that’s left you (or your husband) phobic of the (noisey, inconsiderate) consequences of, uh, reproductive exertion. Float the potential tabloid headline “New Orleans Hotel Ruined My Sex Life!” :wink:

A little extortion never hurt anybody.


you’re online during your honeymoon?!

or is this after the fact?

just curious is all.

Hell I would be :slight_smile:

Why not complain to the kids? They’ll probably think you’re a bitch, but be embarressed and stop making so much noise.

Well…yeah. And the webcam that they have set up is a hoot. :wink:

Ha-ha, I’m such a sucker.
Pertaining to the OP: what everybody else has said, complain and get moved. BEst wishes for the rest of your lives together…

I forgot to tell you guys congrats! You could always try reasoning with the kids…tell them that you’re on your honeymoon, and that they’re disrupting you to the point you cant have hot, wild sex all night. Make sure Dave is the one who tells them though, they might not believe you :wink:

If that fails, you could try mentioning loudly that you heard N’sync was staying at that other hotel way across town, and giving concerts to the guests. Maybe they’d convince their parents to switch?

I’d seconding the “this is your honeymoon, why in the world are you online?” idea. No ranting allowed until AFTER you get back!!

Congrats again.

Mr. Pug and I had a similar problem during our first trip to Maui. Apparently, we arrived in Hawaii during something comparable to spring break for Japanese high school kids. The hotel was filled with 15-year-old girls, four to a room, and they were up screaming, talking, and slamming doors until the wee hours. Mr. Pug complained vociferously to the management, pointing out that we had charged our room on American Express, and that AE’s terms stated if we were unhappy with our purchases, we could easily dispute charges.

Management moved us to a much nicer room in a teenager-less wing of the hotel first thing in the morning.

Why not ask the kids to quiet down? I don’t personally think that what they’re doing is that egregious. Make it clear to them (firmly but, hopefully, politely) that they are disturbing the two of you at a time when you’d most like to be peacefully enjoying each other’s company, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t pipe down at least a bit.

And if not, you should definitely get moved and make threats and whatever else you want to do. But first, why not treat them like people?

Congratulations to you both. I hope you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

I’ve stayed in a hundred hotels, and I’ve never had a hotel refuse to immediately tackle, and even throw out, obnoxious patrons. Typically there is a manager there in 3 minutes or less, telling them “my way or highway”. Your hotel either has incompetant staff, or there are some odd lodging laws where you are. I recommend complaining, and telling them you won’t pay unless they remove the problem, or comp you.

It’s a good thought, and a way to be a good World Citizen, I agree. If this was 20 years ago, that would probably work. And it would be the best solution for all.

But in practice, what often happens with the insanely immoral and irresponsible youth of today that are willing to “go wild” in a hotel is they harass you, get louder, or get smarter - kick your door just once, hard, at 3:30 am to wake you and get you terrified. Notice which car you drive, and vandalize it. Make prank calls to pizza places to send 4 large pan Super Supremes to your room at 12:01 am.

Or put a used condom on your door handle. :rolleyes:

(speaking from experience here)

Okay. Update.

After hearing Security knock on the door several times, and after having the kids start in again the minute after the security guy left, Dave and I went downstairs. I talked to the manager on duty. As it happened, the woman who was supposed to be looking after these kids was standing and heard the conversation. She said she’d take care of it, and I guess she did, because we heard nary a peep out of them for the rest of our stay.

I’m still going to complain to the hotel’s corporate office, however. It should not have taken all of this to quiet a roomful of noisy kids.


Especially since it wasn’t the HOTEL who ultimately shut them up, but the chaperone.

Maybe you should just had loud, passionate sex - they’d probably have shut up to listen, then kept quiet hoping to hear more!


Man you should do what my friend and I did when this happened to us.

After our first complaint to the desk about the kids…

<this was all at the top of our lungs btw>

“YOU BITCH! So you did fuck him! See if I ever give you head again!”

<Scream of incoherent rage>

“At least I didn’t have sex with a woman!”

“You whore!” <slapping noise, accomplished w/ ruler and a thigh>


<More slapping noises and loud thumpings>

When security showed up I pretended to be sound asleep and pissed off that the kids next door kept making noise.

“Umm actually they called to report a fight was going on.”

We let security check it out, nothing was disturbed and my friend ‘woke up’.

Further update on Hotel Hell:

RobinMom called the chain’s corporate office, and spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor is going to call the local hotel and give them some time to explain themselves. If that doesn’t work, the corporate office is going to resolve the situation, most likely by giving us a refund. The supervisor agreed with Mom that this was uncalled for, that the local management should have been more proactive in solving the problem once and for all, and that there are actually rules against kids that young being in a room all by themselves.



You go girl.

If you don’t hold the hotel accountable, I’m afraid you won’t be the last unhappy honeymooner.