To the mafia players: Seeking a representative for Game of Champions

Hey there :slight_smile:

I’ll try to keep this relatively short and to the point.

I am organizing a “Game of Mafia Champions”, which will feature the very best players from a bunch of different mafia communities. A cross-site game.

This is a very huge, very ambitious and very unique project. It’s an experiment in seeing what happens when different mafia cultures clash. Also, it’s a chance to let the best mafia players on the internet face off against each other.

The first two games of this kind have already been completed (almost 30 different mafia sites participated) and it was a huge success in both instances.

Game 1: (Askthepizzaguy - who I believe you know - played in this one)
Game 2:
(feel free to remove the links if they are inappropriate or against your rules)

I am now trying to gather players for the third game in the series. And I wanted to ask you if your site would be interested in having a representative in this game? :slight_smile:

I will let you guys decide completely by yourself how you choose this representative, whether it be by public poll or the mods electing the representative or some third thing. The only thing I would ask is that you please only send someone who you deem to be a champion of your site, someone who has enjoyed accolades or is acknowledged as a consensus top player. Please no “troll representative” :slight_smile:

Extra information about the game:

  • The game is scheduled to start March 24. Each game day (including night phase) is planned to be 2 real life days. Saturday and Sunday will always count as one real life day though, so less time intensive over the weekend.

  • There will be 25 players and the game should last about 2 weeks.

  • As for the setup, it wil be a semi-open setup with potential roles being listed in the OP - without revealing which are actually in the game.

  • If your site wants to, you guys are very free to spectate the game. We will also have a spectator chat on Skype set up which anyone not in the game can be invited to. It was very fun for the first two games and attracted people from a bunch of different sites who are still having crossover games.

Note: It really is important that the chosen person can post every game day (and not just a few times). To give a fair warning, the first game had 1000+ posts on day 1 in the span of two real life days, which is something that you need to be able to handle. If there isn’t anyone on your site who would be able to manage this fast paced format, then that is obviously understandable :).

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope that you’re as excited about this as I am. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

No interest? :confused:

I’m interested, but I’m not about to nominate myself, given that my win-loss record is underwater.

I would recommend the following players of the top of my head, though some may be from Idlemafia exclusively. I can’t keep track:

BillMC - my top pick

I’m sure I can think of more, but those kind of hit my mind right away.

I’m flattered, Mahaloth, but while I think I’m a bit above average in scum-hunting, I also have an annoying knack of getting myself lynched (no matter which side I’m on), which more than makes up for it.

I’d second GuiriEnEspana and nominate Stanislaus.

Oh, also add Drain Bead, who is frighteningly effective as Scum.

Agreed. I love Drain Bead’s play… it’s a shame I haven’t seen her in a game for quite a while

More votes? :slight_smile:

I preferably need a bigger sense of the consensus before I can justify picking a representative :slight_smile:

Picking a “best” on this site is somewhat counter to the culture here. I can’t imagine anyone volunteering ones self as the best here. Nor would I expect lists of the best to be terse.

We love all of our children equally here. :slight_smile:

This is a pretty egalitarian board - I don’t think you’re going to get a consensus of any kind from an informal thread, but you could totally make a thread with a poll and let people vote on choices based on the suggestions already given.

Before that, I think we ought to find out which of the named players are even interested. Some people have a limit to how many games they’ll play at once (mine is 1).

I like these two suggestions in combination.

Is this something that maybe one of you would be willing to facilitate?

I’m thinking first you can PM the named players to gauge who would play the game if elected by the community to do so. And then you could make the poll? :slight_smile:

Also, reminder: Activity is very important. Expect 1000+ posts during day 1 (2 real life days).

Does Normal Phase still post here? She’s the best. Or at least she beat me like a drum every time, and I don’t think I was ever on the same side as her.

Huh, last activity more than a year ago. Guess not.

As we’ve never kept a running win/loss record, I doubt we could reconstruct one now. I don’t think I can accurately guess at mine, except I’m pretty sure it’s negative. (I do remember being on the wrong side of Scum clean-sweep in SDMB mafia.)

FWIW, even if I were to put myself forward as SDMB representative (which I wouldn’t) I’m really not in a place where I could cope with 1000+posts in 2 days. (I mean like, wow).

However, if Astral, natlaw, AlkaSeltzer, MHaye, Mental Guy, special ed, Suburban Plankton plus all mentioned above have the time, any would be good choice.

I think we’re just gonna have an endless chain of this. I wouldn’t consider myself in the top 100, and I don’t think we even have 100 players on this board.