To the nincompoop who wrote a check for a bottle of juice...

So I went to Gelson’s market today and the place is hopping because of the clerks’ strike at the major chains, and I’m sort of eyeing the registers to see which has the shortest line and CHA-CHING! - there’s a register with only one guy buying just a bottle of juice. So I get in line behind him as the cashier is ringing up his ONE BOTTLE OF JUICE, and this numb-nuts starts writing a FUCKING CHECK. FOR A FUCKING BOTTLE OF JUICE.

O.K., strike one…

Allright, don’t panic, Blowero - we just might survive this thing. Cashier says “May I see your I.D.?” Well, that shouldn’t take too long… Cashier examines I.D. for an inordinate amount of time, then begins writing customers driver’s license no. on the check. The thought occurs to me that Mr. “I like to write a check for a fucking bottle of juice” might want to have his D.L. number printed on his checks since grocery stores ALWAYS write it on the check - but still no biggie… Cashier says, “May I have your phone number?”. WHAT THE FUCK? Exactly how brain-dead do you have to be not to have your phone number printed on your checks? Have you EVER paid with a check when they didn’t ask for your phone number? If you can’t do that, could you at least have written it on the check ahead of time? Did I mention that it was for a FUCKING BOTTLE OF JUICE?

Strike two…

Keep a cool head, Blowero - we can get through this. After all, how long could it possibly take to buy a bottle of juice? Cashier writes phone number on check… examines check some more… picks up phone… Oh, God - here it comes… “Manager to aisle 7”


I quickly bail on the line, go to another lane, and I’m out the door with 9 items before juice-boy even gets his check approved.

I invite you, sir, to join us in the 21st Century and get yourself a debit card. It’s smaller, lighter, more convenient, and takes a mere fraction of the time of using a check. May your juice be like bile on your lips.

Did I mention the word “juice”?

While I understand your point of view, allow me to present another:

Last year I lost my debit card and I do not believe in having my DL number and telephone number printed on my checks. I rarely have cash on me and would have written a check as I’m sure as hell not putting a bottle of juice on my Visa.

That being said, I would have bummed cash from Mr. Tech or went without the bottle of juice.

I’m reminded of the Dude writing a check at Ralph’s for $0.69 for a container of half-and-half.

I’ve never, ever had a cashier ask me for my phone number when writing a check. Ever. Where in the world do you live where you would need to give them your phone number? Checks come with the name of the bank you’re using. Usually the bank’s number is printed on them. Any problem with the check is between the grocery store and the bank, and then with the bank and me, and then between the store and myself.

Secondly, while I’ve had my DL# on my checks before, a lot of states’ DL#s are your Social Security numbers. No way in hell I’m advertising my SS# to everyone I write a check to.

I live in California. Where you you live? I mean, what the fuck? - I just told a story about how the cashier at Gelson’s market asked the man for his phone number and DL number, and you’re gonna tell me I’m wrong? No, I didn’t dream it, fool.

That’s incorrect. Banks do not make good on stolen, forged, or bounced checks, leaving the store holding the bag. Therefore, the store rightfully wants to know who you are before they take a check from you. An easy way to avoid this is not to write a check for A FUCKING BOTTLE OF JUICE.

A CA driver’s license number is not the same as your SSN, and yes, stores in CA invariably ask for your DL number when you pay with a check. And this incident took place in California. Guess what Juicy McJuice accomplished by not having these printed on his check? It made it take longer, that’s all. Guess you showed them, huh Juicinator? My point is that if you don’t want to give out such information, DON’T PAY WITH A FUCKING CHECK.

Here’s something along the same lines.

I wanted to treat my girlfriend to a meal at our favorite restaurant but on our way there, I discovered I had forgotten my wallet. I did have my checkbook for whatever reason so we stopped at the grocery store across the street from the restaurant. Bought a bottle of soda and wrote a check for an amout which would yield enough change to pay for our meal.

Store policy where I used to work, bub. Atlanta, GA here. I don’t know why we needed it, but if it wasn’t printed on the check, we needed it.

I worked retail for about 8 years, always needed a phone number on the check, always need to write the DL# on the check. That’s in Illinois.

When I worked at Kmart, even if the license number was printed on the check, we STILL had to see their ID. To match up names and addresses and what not.

And if I didn’t, I could get written up. Do it enough times, and I’d get fired. Don’t blame the cashier-she was just doing her job.

Where I worked in NY you needed a driver’s license number (and even if it was printed, you had to check, as Guin said) and a phone number or no approval for you.

Of course, where I work now, they don’t do anything at all. Look at it, make sure it’s made out to the right store, put it in the drawer.

Starbucks and Borders both instruct those operating their cash registers to write the customer’s driver’s license number on the check, along with the phone number if it is not pre-printed. Admittedly, my experience as a barista and as a bookseller is just in the state of California, so your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.

Me too, but at least this guy didn’t post-date it.

I once stood in line for an hour waiting to buy a course pack for college.

Total 59 cents. Me… realized I didn’t have any cash.

Wrote a check for it.

Never did anything like that again.

Actually, now I only use checks to pay bills, everything else is debit card.

Forgive the interjection, but people use cheques to buy coffee (and groceries)? Is this an American thing, or is it a wider practice than that? :confused:

(I don’t believe anyone in my family has even has a cheque book – we all use EFTPOS, credit, BPAY (bill payments over the phone or internet) or good ol’ cash.)

Why not use a check? It’s a way of taking money from your bank account to pay for your daily needs without carrying the cash in your wallet, and it avoids paying fees associated with credit cards. And you can’t very well “BPAY” (a concept I’m unfamiliar with) to pay for groceries. What is EFTPOS?

I live in Idaho and have never been ask for my phone number by a cashier. But the driver’s license is always required.

  1. Quite a few places don’t ask, actually

  2. The kind of moron whose phone number changes more often than they reorder checks. I’ve had 5 different phone numbers in the time I’ve had this set. Being in college will do that.

I don’t have a debit card because my bank charges a bunch of fees to have/use one. As soon as you offer to pay them for me, I’ll be happy to go ahead and use the card.

Well, I live in California and now some of the stores are doing this thing where they take your DL info once and put you in the system. After that, the system recognizes you and you don’t have to show it again.

Me likes.

I don’t have a debit card for my checking account. I’m horrible with money management and using checks makes it easier to keep track of the money I spend. It’s a helluvalot easier to put a check number and amount in the check register while it’s out than it is to try and remember to do it when you get home, or to have to bust it out when using the debit card to keep track.

Considering that I write in everything, including my DL # (on the check and in the register) except the amount before it’s even my turn to pay, it usually takes as much time as using a debit card would.

Of course, I would never dream of writing a check for a bottle of juice, I’d be too embarrased. That’s just stupid.

Just FYI, some places make the cashier write the DL# on there just to prove that the cashier has looked at the ID. In that case it really wouldn’t matter if the DL# was imprinted–cashier would still have to look at it and possibly still have to write it.

(I don’t know HOW to write a check for under a dollar . . . if I’d been buying the juice I think I would have tried to bum some money from the people in line.)

EFTPOS is Electronic Funds Transfer (at the) Point of Sale – it directly draws from your bank account. Supermarkets also allow us the handy option of drawing out extra cash along with EFTPOS payments. EFTPOS transactions are free (although most people pay for ATM withdrawals beyond a certain limit, which is another matter).

My credit card is fee-free. <shrug>

Different customs, I guess.