To the pit crew.

It’s tough.

My wife is participating in a 120 mile bike ride that goes over 3 11,000 foot mountain passes today.

For the previous week or so, she has become increasingly worried about it. I just give support and tell her that just thinking about doing this is an accomplishment. And at any time, if she decides to stop. Just do it. It’s not quitting. It’s being safe.

She was so wound up last night. She couldn’t focus on what needed to be done. She started doing laundry. I am the pit crew. I can focus. Slow, steady, deliberate. Tension and worry hidden.

She couldn’t get to sleep. We both got up at 2am to hit the road after about 4 hours of sleep. She should now be about 25 miles into the ride. We got to the start of the race at 5am. It’s raining. And about 55 degrees.

The start of the race is about 100 miles NE of home, the finish about 100 miles NW of home.

I’m home now. I’ll collect our 2 dogs, and meet her at the finish 100 miles away in about 8 hours. My worry and tension is just shared by me at the moment.

The waiting is the worst.

Sorry if this is just so much glurge. But I’m stuck for the next 8 hours or so just hoping that my Wife is OK.

It’s tough to be on the pit crew.

Part of her anxiety may come from you encouraging her to go backwards when riding above the treeline.

At about 11:30 yesterday, I was getting ready to leave for the finish. But deceided to wait. The weather was such crap that I thought my Wife might have to drop out. On the other hand I wanted to get moving, because, well the weather was such crap.

When it rains in the mountains, the temp plummets. It was now 45 degrees at our house with a steady rain. I thought it might start snowing at any time.

About noon I got the call. My Wife was at the half way point at a ski area. About 10,000 feet. She got over the first pass and was near the summit of the next.

She did not know if she could continue. Her waterproof coat just wasn’t doing the job. I urged her to do whatever she thought was best and that I could pick her up anywhere along the course. Keep in mind that cell phone coverage is spotty. She said she was going to eat something and call me back.

The ski area had opened up equipment garages to get people warm. But, you had to get ‘triaged’ by medical staff first. They were only letting the people in the worst condition in. There just wasn’t enough room.

She called back. Enough was enough. After a drive of a little over an hour, that takes me over the continental divide twice, I got to her. She was fine, if not disappointed and cold and wet.

Well congrats on her for her efforts. I am training for my first official 10k, and I know how daunting it can be to challenge yourself physically. And good for you supporting her. I have a lot of support for my upcoming run, and it really means alot.

You know my other post was making reference to your name…right? :slight_smile:

Thank you. And no. I had no Idea what you where trying to say. My username is simply, Alpine backwards. Alpine, a great dog, passed on a few years ago.

So much for all of that.

Tonight, I’m making dinner. Lots of it. Comfort food. I have a Corned Beef in the slow cooker, and a meatlof ready for the oven. That and green beans, cabbage and potatos.

My Wife is still recovering, asleep on the couch. It’s still raining.

Good luck on your run newcrasher

But the Pit Crew gets to drink beer all day!

Nope, to much driving to do. At best I could nurse a few. :mad: