To the Security people working the main gate of HFSestival on 5/26

Ok I know you are only doing your job and there some problems with people being hurt the previous day but what the fuck is wrong with a chain on my wallet? I have a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD habbit of losing my wallets so I bought one with a chain and kept if for 4 years now. Not only did you make me take the chain off which I did not have to do on Saturday but because you said there was no way I could claim it after the concert I had to throw the chain away right then and there since I didn’t drive to the festival and had no place to put the chain.

Once I was inside I was relaxed until I saw at least five people with baseball hats that had SPIKES on it along with other people with wristbands that had small spikes. What those spikes can’t hurt someone but my five inch long chain can? To add further insult I saw other people in there with wallets chained to their pants. Now I have to buy a new wallet because I can’t find just a chain and while it’s not a whole lot of money it’s a fucking inconvience and since I’m still unemployed it’s money I would rather not spend,
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Not sure what the festival is, but that sure sucks. And I bet complaining did absolutely no good. Very annoying.

Well the only complaining I did was “They didn’t have a problem with the chain yesterday” I didn’t want to piss off the guy and have him deny me entry. I’m going to be writing a letter to the stadium though

They had a festival to commemorate the Hierarchical Filing System?

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I agree about inconsistent concert security. I’ve went to concerts about once a year since 1995. On some occasions I’ve got the full pat-down; on others, they checked around my socks, checked inside my hat, and called it good. It’s extra frustrating to wait through all the security only to turn around once inside and see people lighting up their little piped and drug paraphanelia whatnots.

My friend has real bad luck. He too, had to lose a chain one time. To be fair, it was a Metallica concert and his chain was pretty hefty. But he was still mad. Another time, at Lollapalooza, he brought a camera and was forced to open all his film containers. Apparently they were convinced that people coming to that beautiful venue would rather light up a big fat doobie than to ake a few pictures as souveniers.

Nissan Pavillion security once wouldn’t let me in to a concert until I opened every segment of my purse, and various things inside, including the small container which held nothing more than a couple of tampons. I presume that this was for purposes of preventing drug use, but when I got inside for the show I ended up getting so sick from proliferation of pot smoke drifting around me that I had to leave midway through the show.

Fortunately, my tickets were comped, and I had tickets to see the band later that summer at three different NYC area venues, but I was peeved to say the least. I had my lipsticks and wallet inspected closely on the chance that I had some contraband, but security did nothing when they saw drugs being used. I wrote a long, evil letter to the morons who run NP, but got absolutely no response.

I’ve pretty much given up on concert-going, largely because of bad security and the freaking inconsiderate morons who seem to have a marginal interest in the bands/artists that I adore, and are willing to drop $80 on tickets just to go act like idiots and ruin the shows for people who really wanted to be there for the music, not for a fun night out of getting wasted.

Well I enjoy being around people smoking that drug that starts with a M at concerts because I don’t do drugs but I get a little of the effect just from all the smoke at concerts. And I also don’t pay to go to many concerts most of the onces I go to I either win tickets or am on a guest list or they are given to me by friends who get them for free.