To the sheriffs who wouldn't enforce the custody agreement, fuck you

Look you fucking ignorant bastards, anywhere in the world a dash between two times means “through”. There is no other reasonable way to interpret this. This is a court fucking order, you assholes. Do not try and absolve yourselves of your fucking job responsibilities with some pedantic bullshit about “Well, I don’t know what the dash means. It could mean through, but I could as interpret it as the beginning times of two separate visitation times.” That is a Country Crock of shit. You lame ass, motherfucking douche bags. My ex-wife STOLE my oldest daughter and you are going to do nothing about it. You fucking suck. I hope you fucking rot in hell.

I don’t know where you are from, but in a lot of cases, law enforcement officers are not legally authorized to enforce a violation of a civil custody agreement. The proper recourse is to document the incident and return to the court to address the issue.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled BBQ Pit.

Thanks, but this was part of a TPO (Temporary Protection Order) and was enforceable as such. Their excuse was not that they aren’t legally authorized, but that they couldn’t interpret the visitation order in the TPO.

Well, in that case, fuck 'em. Sorry to have poured cold water on your pitting. I hope that when you head back to court, the judge will be just as upset with the deputies.

No worries, just felt good to let that go without having to wear stainless steel bracelets for saying it to their faces.

An I hope these yucks have superiors that you will be contacting?

That’s kinda the rub, I guess. This is an ongoing thing with the sheriffs and my ex-psycho…errr… wife. If I bitch, the NEXT time they come out because of some bullshit, they will be even less “helpful”. Ya know?

At this point, it’s a grumble and a “Ya can’t fight City Hall” kinda thing. Once this nightmare is over, however…

What is the wording? I don’t understand your point. Do you have a lawyer?

I think he’s saying that the court order says something like, “Custody: 8/30 - 9/30” and the idiot sheriff is interpreting that as him having custody on August 30th and September 30th, but not the times in between.

I don’t know much about these things, but couldn’t the sheriff just call the damn court and ask what it means?

I’d interpret the dash as “to” as well, but I’d argue that it means the child stays until 9/30, not through 9/30, which would be 10/1.

That’s some lazy lawyering though. It doesn’t take that much time to type “to” or “through”, and it removes the possibility of misinterpretation.

You’re assuming the sheriff gives a damn. I’m picking up a hint of the possibility that the sheriff knows the ex-wife and is actually a partisan for her side in this custody battle.

The OP doesn’t happen to live in Alaska and work as a state trooper, does he?

Am in Colorado.

I don’t believe the sheriff has any loyalty to her or not, but he is the one who arrested her in the matter that led to the TPO in the first place. He was just lazy, and wanted to get out of Dodge ASAP,

Not sure if the sheriff can call or not, but this happened on Sunday so is somewhat of a moot point.

The TPO states that her visitation is “Tuesday6pm-9pm;Saturday12pm-Sunday12pm” (her overnight visit with the kids). Drop them off by noon on saturday, pick them up the next day at noon. Seems clear to me, the ex, two lawyers, two judges and two court reporters, but not to the Ray Romano-looking fucktard with the badge.

The reason they couldn’t put the word “to” or “through” is because apparently there is some sort of restriction on the software app that prints these orders out to where there are limited amount of character spaces and thus everything has to be shortened and abbreviated to the fullest extent. At least that’s how the court reporter explained it. So in the interest of space, the “-” was used rather than “to” or “through”.

If I had to go to court every time the ex decided that I wasn’t going to get my court-ordered visitation, I could set up permanent residence there. Same with child support issues (mine was raised 3x, mother has NEVER held a job).

The cops won’t do anything to enforce a civil order. NOTHING.

Family courts are a joke for men, and a boon ($$) for mothers. Take this from 13 years of personal experience and constant battles.

This has been my observation as well, and I agree 100%. However, to be fair, if police/sheriff’s officials involved themselves in reading and enforcing custody orders, when you think about it, that’s all they’d be doing all day. I can see why they just… don’t. I generally don’t want my law enforcement officials involving themselves with squabbles every time some psycho parent decides to fuck with the other by simply keeping the kid. The recourse should be the courts. The problem is, as you said, the courts seldom, if ever, send the wrath of God down on a repeatedly non-compliant parent once and for all. That is worth a rant of epic proportion.

No offense, but this is a lazy excuse. They are as much a court order as a restraining order (which coincidentally, is what this particular instance is). You can bet your ass if an abusive spouse violated a restraining order that something would be done lest the Sheriff’s office get sued by every victim of a re-offending abuser.

To me this is the same excuse the school nurse gives for not treating a school injury “If I had to give an ice pack to every kid that twisted his ankle in gym, that’s all I ever would be doing.” (This was an actual response I received when my daughter injured herself in elementary school.)

Damn, I feel you frustration and anger. Count yourself lucky in a sense; my evil sister STOLE my nephew from his father and moved him out of the country! She then dragged him around by his nose through the courts for more than a year (this is after he gave up his entire life and moved to where she’d kidnapped his child to – oh, which she also tried to prevent), all the while not “allowing” him to see his son except at her pleasure, which was almost never, including on the child’s birthday and Father’s Day for Og’s sake!

I hope you’ve gotten your daughter back with you by now.

Hi Shayna (BTW just noticed your location RUHS graduate here, Class of '85) I am hoping this isn’t the beginning of that. I DON’T have my daughter back. She left with her and has not come back yet. I know where she lives and, for the sake of my daughter’s mental stability, am trying to fight this… behind the scenes.

Actually, if I remember correctly, there is pretty clear case law that the victims cannot sue if that happens.