To the teenagers in my class

OK, you guys. I realize this is only community college, but you all are a disgrace to teenagers everywhere. I wish I could videotape you so you could be really embarassed at yourselves ten years from now.

Quit talking while the teacher is talking. Have some shame. Notice that more than once he’s had to ask you guys to get quiet. And don’t make little threats when I make a quiet “shhh”, not even looking at you.

Above all, QUIT CHEATING. This above everything has made me have to try to not just hate you. I’ve fantasized about letting the air out of your tires to send the message, but I’d never find your cars in that enormous parking lot.

You know why there were two versions of the last test? I was writing notes to the teacher on my test that you were cheating. I can’t believe how rude you are to a guy who honestly has been way too nice to you. I would have made you shut up, and you better believe that I would have watched better, and waited to see how many people I could spot cheating. I would have then given everyone caught a zero on the test. For a second offense, I would flunk you and put it in your records that would show up if you try to transfer to a university.


You bet. I actually understood the material. They are literally taking “bread” from my mouth with their cheating, as it affects the curve.

I tattled!

There, I’ve said it loud and proud. They’re lucky I’m so reasonable and only tattled. I had fantasies of much worse.

Hear hear, Waldo - it seems my fifth period English is a hotbed of idiocy, and I’m pretty tired of it. Luckily, summer’s starting soon, and I no longer have to put up with the brainlessness of about three bad apples spoiling a bunch of thirty. This is an honors course, too - how on Earth did they get in there, when they can’t even spell?

Learn a good defense mechanism - unstoppable, bulletproof cynicism works for me. Schools tend to be a breeding ground for idiocy, and it only slows down at the university level because of the age factor involved. I can’t change a thing, no matter how much I tell the teacher - they’ll still be base, lowbrow idiots. Nothing will change that, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll get their come-uppance in later life when they’re working some menial, low-paying McJob at age thirty - I’d like to think that, but I know at least a few will be my bosses one day

Sad thing is, the teacher might not be able to do anything about their cheating. When my sister was a TA she gave four students failing grades because they cheated on their labwork, all they did was complain to the prof and head of the chemistry dept, and they got to pass. The head of the dept didn’t even talk to my sister…And the uni in question wonders why they are not known for the quality of their education anymore…:rolleyes:

(She transfered to Ohio State, and hasn’t had that problem again.)

That’s not annoying. Annoying is when the people in your class acting like that are older than you are.

doh!!! again again

I feel your pain.

It is easy to cheat on my tests. However, I do catch a large percentage. When I do, they fail the class. There are no second chances. (I tell the class this at the beginning of the semester.) If they care to protest, then I say sure, lets take it up with the dean and I’ll file a formal accusation of academic dishonesty. If they lose this hearing, they are suspended from the university. So far, all of the students I’ve caught, accepted failing the course, rather than go through the formal hearing.

Every semester there are about 7-10 students who fail my class for cheating on either tests or papers. Considering that only about 7-10 students who have completed all of their work fail my class otherwise shows you how much the cheaters are shooting themselves in the foot.

Yeah, at least it’s teenagers acting like this and not the 30 year olds. I think I’m the second oldest in the class at 32. I started taking classes last semester to try to be a chem teacher, but now I’ve passed the needed tests. I don’t really need calculus, but since I dropped it last semester without the proper paperwork, so I’m sure I flunked. This is just so that I don’t have an F on a transcript I might want to send somewhere someday.

It sure is easier to pass once you’ve been through most of it already. I read magazines a lot, and still got As on the tests.

I don’t know that this all is relevant, but now that I’ve typed it, I’m posting it.

If I do teach again, I’m going to tell everyone the first day that this is their last warning about teaching. Anything cheated on will be given a zero. The second offense will result in a call home for a full explanation directly to a parent.

About cheating or teaching, Waldo? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, I knew what you meant.