To what extent does the skin permit germs to pass through?

Let’s say someone with intact skin stepped in raw sewage. (Not on purpose, of course.) Now to what extent would the intact skin allow the germs to pass through?
What if the person’s feet were immersed in the sewage for a day?

In general, unbroken dry skin is generally impermeable to most bacteria and viruses, as well as inorganic substances that are suspended in or accompanied by a solvent. However, water is a mild solvent, and continuous suspension in water will make the skin somewhat more permeable, as well as playing host to various organisms, including fungus and anaerobic bacteria which can breach the stratum corner and expose the living tissue underneath to infection. This is the reason that scratches and abrasions should be kept clean and covered.


And we should all be aware of how verrucas are propagated.

Permits? We don’t have no stinking permits! Germs don’t need no permits!