Toaster in bathtub.....does it scale?

You all know the effects of a person throwing a plugged in toaster into a bathtub.

Let’s say I don’t have a GFI installed, and I have big ass extension cords.

How big does the body of water need to be before the effects of the toaster no longer effect living things (mainly people)

What if I threw my toaster into an Olympic sized swimming pool? Lake? Ocean?

First, toaster in bathtub will not reliably kill someone. Second, this thread holds your answers.

The relevant point is not how large the body of water is, but how close a person is to the toaster. The body of water is only relevant in so far as there’s a limit to how far away you can get in a bathtub. But someone that close in a lake or ocean would be just as bad off.

Size of body of water does not matter. People get injured or die from swimming near boats with shore-power faults in lakes, rivers, ocean harbors, etc.