Tobacco Road (Book)

I just finished the book Tabacco Road
by Erskine Caldwell.

It was a good read in the way that once I started the book I read it all the way through in one sitting, but I couldn’t tell if I really like it or not.

It certainly held my interest but there didn’t seem to be much point to it other than to show that Southerners, or at least this group of them were indifferent to their plight and largely deserved it as they refused to accept anything but the status quo.

People say it’s funny but I didn’t find it so. I can see where killing people and not giving a darn about it, is sort of “dark humour” but it seemed to be played for realism and not comic effect.

Somethings flew by my innocent head like Bessie in the hotel. I didn’t get what she was doing till I read the Wikipedia article (see above link), so it could be my innocence. Or the way sex and was written about in a roundabout way

So if anyone else read this book, what is your take on it? If you’ve seen the movie was it any good? Or the play? I can’t imagine the movie stuck too close to the storyline.