Tobbaco-How do I get my body rid of it

While I am a non smoker, my friend is a smoker and he wants to know the best way to get tobacco out of his system?

Stop using it and let nature take it’s course.

Lots and lots and lots of water…

Well, the tobacco is very much a short-term thing. It is out ofyour body when you exhale (or remove the chaw, if that’s his thing).

What I think you mean is how long it takes for nicotine to be washed from the body. If that is the case, it depends on how much tobacco one uses - the levels in a person who smokes a few cigarettes a day are sustained lower than the guy smoking two packs a day.

Generally, though, it takes 3-5 days for nitotine to go away entirely.

The body craving nicotine, however, takes several months to get rid of.

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According to my mother (now smoke-free for 2 years, 9 months and change), that craving will never fully go away. Just like an alcoholic’s cravings. Sorry, Satan. But, I know I couldn’t do it.


Try Zyban, but beware the standard dosage! it made me PSYCHOTIC! at 300
mg/day but then I cut back to 150/day and the results have exceeded my
wildest hopes! it has all but TOTALLY quashed the nico-jones…and it
also increase energy, ups your metabolism, suppresses appetite and
elevates mood…on the down side it can upset yr. stomach,keep you awake
at night,seizures,death…yadda,yadda
…this is a 25 yr. enthusiastic smoker speaking here…good luck!

Lazarus is right, the cravings never go fully away. They get fewer and farther between, but every once in a while you get into a situation where all you can think about is the sweet bliss that is the first drag off of a cigarette.(like now. I had to respond to this, didn’t I. dammit!)

If one would care to draw the distinction, I think that it is a mental effect because in my experience it is situation based as opposed to a bodily effect (like a heroin addict having nausea or convulsions when in withdrawl). I’ve been smoke free for 2 years and 9 months and still want one when I go out drinking with friends or hang around places that I used to smoke.

In response to the OP, the tobacco by products should be out of his system within a week. The rest of it is just willpower (you have to go off of the patch, gum, or Zyban sometime) and support from others around you.

Let me clarify something. My friend was at a nutrition store that had a herb that would get all traces of marajuna out of your system for a drug test. I know we had a thread about that and I’m not going to revist it. My friend was wondering if there is something like that for tobbacco? I don’t think there is and I know some things will never come out of a ex-smokers lungs.

Yes, the cravings never go away entirely. I meant to say that they become so rare and controllable that it’s not an issue after several months for most people. My bad.

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