Today, 01.02.2010, is Palindrome Day.

Won’t lovers revolt now?

But that was nine years ago.

It’s Dyslexic’s day.

Can a mod please correct the thread title?

I’m so embarassed. Dessarab meos m’I.

In much of the world, today is expressed as 02.01.2010

This is one you should have to live with so we may point and laugh for years to come.:smiley:
Probably won’t, though.

All is well. Title fixed.

Ellen Cherry
MPSIMS Moderator

Egad! No bondage! Live not on evil.

And thanks, Ms. Cherry.

For the sake of anyone who is confused by the first few posts, the original title of this thread was “Today, 01.02.2001, is Palindrome Day.” Ellen Cherry changed the “2001” to “2010.”

Also the name of a book and its sequel by Arthur C. Clarke. Coincidence?


A man, a plan, a canal – Panama

For some, it’s ‘Shift Day’: 02-01-2010. And in Standardland, it’s 2010-01-02… another palindrome1

Man, I had to stare at the thread title an embarrassingly long time before I figured out “oh hey, it IS a palindrome!”

Hem god dog, meh!

I had to write the date in YYMMDD format on a form today, and it just looked so wrong!


Paging" I Love Me. Volume I.

Wait, it’s the first of February already? Damn.

A Slut was I ere I saw Tulsa

Yoga Goy

DNA Level Cleveland

Anyone here named Tacocat? Cause this would be her/his day!