Today {{07/15/2009}}is Roky Erickson's 62nd Birthday

I hope that he had and is having a great one, and that he has a lot of those “happy returns” things that people get wished on their b’days.

Because Roky Erickson is a unique, fucking BRILLIANT musician, one of the giants and true Gods of rock. And he deserves some peace and acclaimation and happy returns after some of the shit he’s lived through.

By announcing this to the Dope, I’m doing my wee bit to honor the man, and celebrate his existence and his accomplishments through this little post – my only way of sharing my love and energy.

Rock on righteously, Mr. E, you rare and marvelous Texan you! And thanks a zilluion for all this grerat music, too.

He certainly made a splash… and I know many will miss him when he’s gone.

Heeheehee – *I *get it, anyway, whether anyone else does or not!

I’m a whole lot more into Roky’s post-1976 work with the Aliens and the Explosives than I am the Elevators, personally…except for a few real acid-blasted ass-kickers like “Fire Engine” and “Monkey Island”. Didja ever hear the version of “Yer Gonna Miss Me” on the*** Roky & The Explosives Live At the Ritz***recording? It’s some bangin’ shit, man.