Today I am wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe.

My best bud does some pretty moronic things sometimes. One day she wore mismatched shoes to work. And not ones that she had in two different colors either. From two entirely different pairs. One was a boot and one wasn’t. And one had a heel and the other didn’t! She still has no idea how she walked to the bus stop without noticing.

Okay, that’s just hilarious.

No doubt if I had shoes in different colors I would be guilty of doing this regularly.

I did that once last year, but I noticed it before I got on the bus, so I was able to run back home and put my other black shoe on. I had to lead a rehearsal in my conducting class that day, so I’m really glad I noticed. (I reenacted the shoe fail when I got home.)

I actually remember once years ago when a good friend of mine at work did what I did…in her case, it was one black patent leather, and one navy blue. I knew something was wrong when I saw the black shoe with the navy tights…I knew this particular person would NEVER do that on purpose. When I saw the navy shoe, then I got it.

Oh, thank you for the picture! That is awesome! :slight_smile:

My mother was married in different shoes. Luckily they were both white high heel pumps, and the only difference was in the thickness of the heel, but in the wedding photos, you can tell.
Her story is that she was sharing an attic bedroom with two of her sisters, and rose early on the morning of the wedding (Dec. 29, 51 years ago!) and didn’t want to turn on the light and wake them. Her sister had a similar pair of shoes to hers, and she grabbed one of each in the dark.

I have students that regularly wear mismatched socks and shoes…but I think you can only pull that off if you are between 7 and 12 years old.

I did it last week. I was working on the house, wearing work boots, then I went to my regular pub quiz night. It seems that I took the work boots off, but then managed to put one back on. We’re talking paint spattered steel toed ultra worn boots. And a black sketchers shoe.

And I didn’t notice until I was taking them off before bed.

I’ve done this twice with black and navy shoes. They were the same exact style, just two different colors.

The second time I did, when I got home, I immediately threw out the black pair. They were $9.99 Payless specials, and the black ones never really felt “right” so they were the ones to go. I will never own two pair of the same style shoes in different colors again, because clearly I can’t be trusted.

See? Neither can I. Some people are just not meant to own the same pair of shose in different colors. I put on the brown pair this morning. Since I am one of those people, I tried to be very careful this tim. First, I held them both up to the light. Then when I went downstairs, I checked again in the kitchen (the light is better there). Then when I left the house, I checked again (always easier in the daylight). Then when I got out of the car to drop my daughter off at preschool, I checked again (just to be extra extra sure). They are both brown. I think I deserve some congratulations here, I really do. :slight_smile:

More than once, I’ve worn a shirt or sweater to work and gone a pretty significant portion of the day before someone will point out that it looks inside out.

Ha! My husband did this several years ago. He put on the mismatched pair, went out shopping for several hours, in the rain, and came home. He decided to go back out again … and … went to his closet to get dry shoes and got the other “pair” that was identical to the pair he’d gotten wet earlier!

So he went around in two sets of mismatched shoes, and didn’t know it until he returned home the second time. hee hee.

Oh god, I have a bunch. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to appearance.

I’ve worn my shirt to work inside-out a few times.

I’ve gone, god-knows-how-long with my fly down… at work.

One time I had a REALLY bad cold, but I had to show up at a clients for a photo-shoot of their facility. So I was there with the client and the photographer. The shoot took about 1 to 2 hours, and when we wrapped things up, I got back in my car, threw it into reverse, checked the rearview mirror, and was horrified to see some freak with a large yellow booger in his right nostril. Was it there the whole time? I think I know the answer to that. ::shudder::

And more gross bodily mishaps. I had some weird, small skin growth on the side of my nose, and was mindlessly scratching at it, while lost in my work. No biggie. This was near the end of the day, so I shut my computer down, and went up to the desk of one of my female friends/coworkers to say bye. Thinking back, I remember her mildly recoiling, but I thought I just snuck up and scared her. No biggie. Then, while throwing my car into reverse for the drive home, I saw some freak in the rear-view mirror with blood trickling down from that spot.

I don’t like rear-view mirrors anymore.

I did the same thing on vacation in Sedona. One low heel brown wedge sandal, one black strapped Birkenstock. Took me half hour to figure out that was why I was walking funny.

I’m sorry, but you owe me a keyboard. :smiley: