Today I am wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe.

I am not the kind of person who should buy the exact same pair of shoes in two different colors, I am really not. :frowning:

What dumbass thing have you done lately that will make me feel better?

Nothing lately, but I did that with black and navy. Damn it!

If it’ll make you feel any better, I had a friend to it with two COMPLETELY different shoes. Different heels, different decorative accents.

Ooh…thanks, Kalhoun, your friend’s story DOES make me feel better! At least these shoes are exactly the same (other than the color, of course). :slight_smile:

I did this once, about 15 years ago when men wore dress shoes and suits to work. It was about this time of year, too, before we go off DST and you dress in the dark.

Fortunately there was a Payless Shoe Source across the street from my office so I bought some el cheapos for the day. Mmm, cheap, unbroken-in shoes–yeah, I felt great when I limped home that night. Beat the alternative, I guess.

That was exactly the problem. Of course, if I’d stuck each pair in a pocket my shoe caddy when I took them off the last time I wore them, instead of kicking them into a corner of my bedroom, this whole problem would have been avoided.

I thought about running to Target to get a new pair, but then I thought, screw it, I’ll let everyone at work get a laugh at my expense!

I regularly wear nonmatching socks. And I don’t mean just two different shades of black, or one black and one navy. I mean one sock will be bright pink and black stripes, and the other will have daisies on it. People mock, but it’s no big.

Does that help?

Or here, how’s this: one day I was in the mall and had to use the restroom. When I came out I saw people staring at me with odd expressions, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Finally some lovely gentleman whom I will forever adore whispered to me that my skirt and slip were tucked ever so neatly into the top of my pantyhose. So yeah, I’d been pratically mooning everyone in the mall. :o

OMG, I have always been afraid that I would do that…I get paranoid every time I wear a skirt. It’s exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me. Thank goodness for some nice people who will take the trouble to help you out, you know?

Along the same lines – I recently bought several new pairs of shoes (at DSW, all on 80% off, don’t judge me!). One pair was really cute, but in the store lighting looked like a really dark chocolate brown. Since I don’t own anything brown, I borrowed a brown and teal pinstriped suit from my daughter to wear with the shoes. Only to get to work and realise the shoes were actually black. Yes, I am anal retentive enough that I considered taking a sick day!


Smooth skirt down.

Wash hands.

Smooth skirt while checking back of skirt.

Smooth skirt before opening the door.

Grab both sides of the skirt and give it a little shake before exiting bathroom.
THAT’S how I get with skirts.

This. And also check in the mirror before you exit the bathroom. And, if you’re like me, keep tugging on the back of your skirt while you’re walking back to the office because you’re paranoid that somehow, even though you made sure it was down, it’s now magically tucked into your underwear.

And also take a reeeeeeaaaaallly big step or two, so you’re certain to feel the bottom of your skirt touch the back of your legs.

A few years ago, I wore a brown shoe and a white shoe to school, and didn’t notice that I had until I stepped out of the passenger door. Didn’t much care after that, either. In the months following, I would occasionally wear different-color shoes, just because I was amused by it.

Several years ago did the navy and black sock thing.

Turns out there was a reason it happened. There was a co-worker having a really bad day and needed the laugh. Karma works in interesting ways.

Are you a Tall Blonde Man?

Ok, I do this too!

And if you have shiney elevator doors, you can check again before heading back to your cube.

Ditto to both statements.:smack: My friend ended up going across the street to Payless to buy a (matching) pair of shoes!

That’s exactly what I thought of when I read the thread title.

Hell, I can top that. I once bought two completely different boots, thinking it was a pair. And I had them for a year before I noticed.

They were black ankle-length snow boots, and identical if you only looked at them from the top. They were on the clearance rack. I took the left one out of the box and tried it on. (My left foot is just a smidgen larger than my right.) It fit, so I decided to buy them. I never took the right boot out of the box before my purchase, and neither did the cashier.

One day, I noticed that I felt a little unbalanced walking in them. When I took them off, I discovered that one boot had a regular square heel and one had a sort of wedge heel. Damn, I felt like an idiot.

I still do, kind of. :o

I recently lost a bunch of weight and this summer I had to buy all new clothes because none of my old ones fit. This week it officially got cold enough for me to bust out my winter coat and I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that when you lose 60 lbs your old coat won’t fit you properly anymore! I have spent the last couple of days walking around the city wrapping my coat around me and pinning it down with my arms to stay warm because I am the moron that didn’t think to go to goodwill and get a new coat. My grandma recommended that I take it to a tailor and have them take it in (it is a pretty awesome coat) so I might do that later this week but this incident has brought to light the fact that none of my winter clothes are going to fit me at all.

You can’t understand feeling stupid until your lack of forsight prevents you from being able to raise your arms outdoors.

Twice already this fall I’ve gone to work wearing black skirt suit, black heels, and navy tights. Twice! Both times I didn’t notice until part way through the morning when I had a good look at them under the fluorescent light.