My Kenneth Cole shoes are nothing but disposable dogshit compressors.

My girlfriend spent way, way too much money on this pair of black Kenneth Coles. They’re comfortable, and the woman loves the way they look on me, so I wear 'em every day.

A little bit of math tells me me that if I’ve worn them five days a week for about six months, that’s approximately 130 times. I walk a little less than two miles a day, so I’ve put about 250 miles on them.

And today, I’m flopping around town like a goddamned duck because the sole of my right shoe has detached itself from the toe. I’ll be lucky if they survive the day. The heels began to disintegrate about a month ago. I’ve almost completely worn through both soles, and the heels are ground down at least a quarter of an inch from when I got 'em. These shoes are fucked.

My girlfriend is going to be pissed, and if I’m very unlucky, she’ll be pissed at me for wearing 'em out so fast.

I don’t know or much care about shoes. Are dress shoes supposed to crap out this fast? For cryin’ out loud, my old man has a pair of Florsheims which were probably yesterday’s news in 1958, and they’re just fine today. Is my disappointment misplaced, or am I right to say that these things didn’t last any longer than Norman Bates did when he was peeping in the shower?

I guess I’ll just park the next pair under the desk at the end of each day, but seriously, why should I have to coddle my men’s shoes like they’re a pair of toy poodles?

Whenever I buy shoes for myself or Mr. Tech, one of the first things I do is get a pair of heel savers put on by my cobbler.

How on earth, by the way, does one wear the same pair of shoes, every work day for six months?

How on earth do you not? I am completely baffled by people – of both sexes – who require more than one pair of shoes.

But then, I always wear sneakers. If there’s one thing that Forest Gump got right, it’s that no one should have to endure uncomfortable shoes.

What? I only have one pair of shoes at a time. When they wear out, I buy another pair.

Mrs. Uvula, on the other hand, has about fifty pairs of shoes. How anyone could need more than one or two pair…that’s what I can’t figure out.

I don’t even like wearing the same pair of shoes more than once a week. I absolutely will not wear them more than twice in one week.

Different ensembles call for different pairs of shoes. I wouldn’t wear the same shoe with a calf-lenth skirt and wrap shirt as I would with a pair of wide-leg khakis and pull-over, long sleeve, tailored tee.

The same goes for a man’s wardrobe. Khakis, pebbled-colored sweater with a brown belt calls for a pair of brown shoes. Black slacks, indigo shirt and black belt calls for, obviously, a pair of black shoes. At the very least, a gentleman should have two pair of shoes for work. I won’t even go into the differences between dress, dress-casual and casual shoes.

You are not supposed to wear the same dress shoes five days a week. That doesn’t give the insides a chance to dry out and causes faster deterioration. You should have at least 3 pair.

You are also supposed to take care of them - expensive shoes are meant to be taken to a shoemaker when the heels or soles wear down, and said soles or heels replaced. It’s much less expensive to maintain them than it is to wear them out and then pitch them. A lot like a car, as a matter of fact.

My dad has dress shoes he’s worn since the 70s and they still look as good now as when he bought them. But he cleans them, polishes them and gets worn parts replaced.

Well, Juanita, my fashion consultant decided that my other two pairs of office shoes were unacceptable, and she likes these, so I never really thought about getting another pair. The last pair I had lasted me three years or so, so I was kind of expecting the same durability.

As I said I don’t really understand the whole concept of footwear anyway. I’m comparatively new to office attire; I’ve only recently learned to stop dragging my knuckes behind me.

Try telling that to a satiated wildwoman who’s still wearing her stiletto heeled red CFM marabou mules.

If there’s a Johnston Murphy or Nordstrom near you, I’m sure one of the wonderful salesmen therein would be more than happy to introduce you to the wonderful world of men’s footwear, Sofa King.

Your girlfr, er, fashion consultant, will be so proud of you.

OK, one pair and 50 pairs are both wrong. Three or four work well for me. Two sneaker types, so one can ‘rest’ and dry out, and one for fancier occasions. Plus a pair of sandals.

What? First that whole proper hygeine thing, and now I have to learn about shoes?

I’d better get a scooby snack outa this.

Johnston Murphy, black, rubber soles, comfortable! 4-5 days a week, at least 18mo, the sole is finally starting to wear through, the uppers are still A-OK.

Get thee some decent shoes.

Kenneth Cole shoes are notorious for falling apart. Its a trade off though because the designs are unique. As suggested above, its a good idea to have at least a couple of pairs to alternate between.

I’m so in agreement with the OP. I’ve got two pairs of Kenneth Cole shoes (identical “model,” one black and the other brown) that I wear to work, and after a year they both look a little worse for wear.

The leater on the heels of both of them is unravelling and hanging off, and the left heal of the black ones squeak something awful.

I think I need to get another pair to put in the rotation to give my current two pair a little break once in a while, but I have to get another pair of Kenneth Coles because the square toe is absolutely essential. Once you go to a square toe dress shoe, you can’t ever go back.

IMO, anything Kenneth Cole sucks major ass. I have owned a couple of pairs of their shoes, all of which were the most uncomfortable pieces of shit I have ever worn. Therefore I cannot tell how long they would have lasted if I had been able to wear them out. If your girlfriend gets pissed that you wore out your shoes, then point out the fact that she’s the genius who picked them out for you. Next time go with Doc Marten’s. Mine have lasted for years.

The real question with dress shoes isn’t how worn out the soles and heels are- they’ll wear out. The question is whether or not the uppers are still in good shape. Six months/250 miles doesn’t sound unreasonable at all for wearing out leather soles on dress shoes, especially if you walk on concrete a lot.

Go on down to a good shoe repair/cobbler’s shop and get them re-soled and re-heeled. It’ll cost you 30-50 bucks, but the shoes will still fit ok and will be good for another 6 months/250 miles.

I’d be willing to bet that your old man’s Florsheims have been resoled several times if he’s had them for 40 years. Hell, I’ve had my cowboy boots for 11 years, and I’ve had them resoled at least five or six times that I can think of.

K. Coles are a bit overpriced (IMO) for what you get which is a nicely finished shoe with average materials. Johnston Murphy’s are a bit more expensive, but are an order of magnitude higher quality materials and overall craftsmanship wise.

Having said that it is evident you need some education in how to care for a pair of quality leather dress shoes. You need to give the shoes 1-3 days to dry out between wearings depending on how much your feet sweat. Polish them regularly and use full fitting, high quality shoe trees while they are drying, and replace the soles when excessive wear starts to be obvious or sooner rather than later you will indeed have a pair of beaten up “dogshit compressors”.

Shoe Care - Show your shoes some respect!

The Perfect Shoeshine

Yeah, I’ve got the unravelling-thing going on with my heels too, Taxguy.

If by “uppers” you mean everything that isn’t in contact with the ground, yeah, they’re just fine–good as the day I got 'em, really.

You want some good dress shoes (and by “good” I use the male definition of "lasting)? Hie thee to an Army-Navy surplus kinda store. I have a pair I wore to high school for two and a half years and on dress occasions on top of that for a LOT longer that STILL look good.

About 4 years ago I switched from sneakers to Sketchers. Plain laceup for work. About a year ago I replaced them with knockoffs from Payless. A couple weeks ago I replaced the Payless knockoffs with restaurant manager shoes from Wal-Mart. I think I’ve paid about $100 total for all 3 pair.

But then again I’m a guy. Woman need to wear closed toe high heels. The higher the better but NO platforms. And since they need to match their footwear with their outfits they need many many pairs.