My Kenneth Cole shoes are nothing but disposable dogshit compressors.

Are we sure it isn’t ImeldaTech :smiley:

Actually, TaxGuy, pointed toes are in.

Men’s shoes with a squared-off toe are still very much in style.

How ever many pair of shoes I own, NurseCarmen, my mom owns triple (maybe even quadruple) that. I call her Imelda quite often.

Everything Bump said. And get 2 more pair. You need 2 pair to go to work and make money; assume the 3rd pair is to cover for when you have one of those two in at the shoe repair shop being resoled.

PS- Take them off when you get home and wear something else afterwork. Its good for them as well as good for you (you’ll be amazed at how much happier you will become just by changing clothes & shoes when you get home. More laundry yes, but worth it).

By far, that’s the best advice in this whole damn thread.

PS: Great thread title, Sofa King.

Everything I need to know I learned from Mr. Rogers.

I got Kenneth Cole shoes on sale. They’re black leather on the outside lined with oxblood leather. They feel obscenely luxurious. I don’t wear them every day; they’re my dressy shoes. The salesman told me that KC would resole them for about $25.00.

Oh, believe me, the second I have a place to lose those tanks, they’re off the feet. I’m an open-air kind of guy (although I wish I had found boxer briefs sooner, as the sage people of the SDMB later recommended).

Okay, so I gotta take care of 'em–thank you, astro. And I found a shoe-repair place near the barber shop and the sushi joint in the mall (Ballston Common is quickly becoming the most utilitarian mall I’ve ever seen–that must be why my better half thinks it sucks).

But I’m incensed that I have to have more than one pair of office shoe. They don’t give me a spare office; I don’t have a second computer. But I have to have a second pair of clod-kickers. The injustice of the whole thing just riles me.

Next you’ll be telling me I need more than one tie.

Don’t take them to the shoe repair place in Ballston. i found them to be somewhat expensive.

Try the place in Clarendon next to the Morrocan place almost across the street from the Church parking lot. They’re cheaper and the guy there does really good work. My wife takes all of her shoes there when the soles wear out.

In any case, I would invest in a few pairs of good black shoes. Alternate the days that you wear them to the office and when the soles wear out, replace the soles. You can them going for years on end.

You rule, brujo!

One more step toward the Shoe Event Horizon.

I have precisely six pairs of shoes, if I go over that, a pair goes out.

1 pair of work boots

1 pair of Combat boots with zipper

1 pair of square toed dress

2 pairs of cross trainers

1 pair of boat shoes

I require no more, and no less than this. It’s just good sense to buy good shoes, and take care of your feet, and, because I buy what I like, nothing I have generally goes out of style, and i don’t end up wearing the same pair of shoes every day for 2 years.

By the by, I’ve spent about 250 bucks in the last 5 years on shoes doing it this way, and with a size 15 foot, that ain’t easy.

I’ve got twelve pairs of ‘shoes’ that I use.

2 pairs of running sneakers, 1 pair of ‘low-quarters,’ and nine pairs of combat boots (six pairs ‘jungle,’ three pairs ‘jump.’) Thats more than I’ll ever need, but after going with only one pair of boots for a long time (and the athletes foot that came with 'em) that’s the least I’ll need. :smiley:

I wore Red Wings boots for a while, but they don’t seem to make them in my width so I got them a little longer. Now I have Carolina boots, which have the right width but the hooks are weird and the laces pop out sometimes. I have a few other pairs of shoes laying around collecting dust, but my boots are on most of the time.

I own five pair of Rockport boots, style M3387, but only because I know that if I just had one pair, they’d eventually wear out and I’d find that I can’t buy those anymore. So I stocked up and rotate through them and they have lasted a long time.

I also have a pair of sneakers because the rockports look really goofy when I wear shorts.

That’s all the shoes I need. But then again, I’m a computer programmer.

Rockport makes a dress shoe that’s light, comfortable and has Vibram soles. I don’t have any durability issues with them. They usually can be found on sale in one of the major Dept. stores for $80-90. However, if you’re putting 2 miles a day on shoes, you might want to wear some kind of walking shoes to/from work, leaving your dress shoes at work. This will save you from loads of wear and mud and dogshit, as well.


Thanks. I hope you’re satisfied with the place.

Rockports are OK shoes for what they are and (contrary to what some shoe repair people might tell you) they can be re-soled. The problem is that the exterior leather is quite soft and once the surface is damaged, even slightly, it looks like hell and is difficult to mask with polish. Rockports also tend to go shapeless fairly fast because of the soft, lightweight leather. IMO while comfortable and lightweight, they are not a durable dress shoe unless very lightly used.

I have exactly one pair of black sketchers that have a nice thick rubber sole. I have been wearing them to work nearly every day for the last four years. And I’m female.

I don’t buy into this whole notion that I have to have a different pair of shoes to match every damn shirt I have. I tend to consider it an underhanded attempt to bilk me out of more money and destroy my feet.

I own one pair of running shoes, one pair of Doc Martens, one pair of hiking boots, one pair of sketchers, one pair of black leather sandals, and one pair of Tevas. I’ll replace them if they wear out. And no way in hell will I ever wear any type of high heels. They are the most godawful uncomfortable torture devices ever.