Today I Did Nothing

Reminds me of this song, “Nowhere to go and all day to get there”.

I spend a fair number of days blissfully doing absolutely nothing. On such days, reading and posting on the derp is just my default background noise behavior. Note, though, that for the purposes of this discussion, I don’t count taking a pee (which happens several times every day) as doing something.

Wasn’t there a farmer mentioned in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 who scrupulously spent all day every day doing nothing, and was paid by government to do so? I think it was Major Major’s father, IIRC.

ETA: There’s also Wally.

Didn’t Mae West once remark that she did some of her best work in bed?

No, not entirely. There are still many practitioners, of varying skill levels. The art is a closely guarded art among the masters, who only admit a few promising apprentices now and then. It takes many many years for apprentices to attain the skills of the masters, since they all just sit around doing nothing.

Was it worth it?

Obligatory Office Space Quote