Today I Did Nothing

Nothing at all.
Did not do my laundry.
Did not tidy up various tasks.
Did not venture out into the world.
Did not take a shower.
Did not answer my cell phone.
Did not answer any emails.

Nope. Nada. Nothing at all was done today.
And it felt good.

So, just wondering…
What haven’t you done today?

You posted on the derp. Are we really nothing?

Just had to share. Typing is the first thing I did today.
Please forgive me. :slight_smile:

I occasionally have days like these. I had one on Saturday. I just… could not be bothered to do a damn thing. A friend texted me at a normal hour that one would in order to grab a drink on Saturday eve and I was fast asleep.

Sometimes you just gotta be a lazy ass, ya know?

Well, today I cured cancer. No wait… it was bacon, today I cured bacon.

Someone told me Nothing Happened Today.

That is my plan for tomorrow.

Thank you! That description fit me perfectly.

Dang it. Now I got a hankering for a BLT sandwich.
Need to get off my lazy ass and head to the grocery store.
Confound it, you owe me some slack-time.

I do that every so often. Either on a Saturday or Sunday.

A couple times I did that for like a WEEK, when I had a break from work for Christmas.

I have a new couch now which is not very comfortable so I don’t know how much laziness I can get away with anymore. It starts to get painful after a while!

I try to get all of my things done during the week and one weekend day so I can avoid doing things once in a while. Being single and childless has its perks :wink:

It happens sometimes.

OK, I clicked my mouse thingy button. I actually lifted a finger today!
Yea me!

Maybe I can get out of this chair and walk down the block to get some bacon, tomato and lettuce.
If I forget the bread I can make an extra trip to the store AND ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING TODAY.
Thank you for rescuing me.

They don’t happen too often, but some of the best days of my life were the ones where I never bothered to change out of pajamas.

No, you are coming over first thing in the morning to wake me up so I can get to work on-time.
Thank you.


You MUST try the laziness test on every new couch. Preferably after a hearty meal.

Read the brochure that came with it. There is a LAZINESS CLAUSE in fine print.
If you can’t snooze, you loose.

You are the Vanguard of the future, OP! Soon none of us will have anything productive to do, so your today will be the norm.

That, or despairing suicide.

Goofing off is a lost art. :wink:

It’s a rare day when I do absolutely nothing. But I have been known to putter away a day or two without getting anything done.

You were going to shower before then right?

Bruno Mars is that you?