The nothing thread.

I want to post something, but I have no idea what.

The problem with the SDMB is that it’s hands off until you have something particular/significant/topical to post. There are times when I just, want, to, post.

So, drink-fueled, I decided sod it. I will just post something, anything.

And this thread is it.
If you feel the same, post here. There is no theme or topic to this thread. Post whatever you want. I am hoping it becomes one big ol comfortable chat about nothing (the best kind of conversation)

Man, seriously. I have stuff in my journal like this, too. (I want to say something, but there’s nothing to say, and so on.)

Also, I’m getting cramps and I’m not on my period.

And I have a whole bunch of chemistry homework that I haven’t done.

So, um, yeah.

[Naive Male] Women get cramps at period time??[/naive man] The same cramps that men get (the type where a muscle ‘locks’ and you are in quite serious pain until you ‘unlock’ the muscle?


Lobsang, you do NOT want to know about women’s cramps at period time. Sometimes massive quantities of the right drugs can ease them, but usually they just leave you sick and miserable. For several days. Every freaking month. Thank Og for menopause.

I’m also fed up with my neighbors the drug dealers, who let their dog roam the neighborhood collarless and tagless and, presumably, not fixed so he’s busy fathering puppies everywhere. The DOG is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I’m about ready to call Animal Control to teach the drug dealers a lesson. It’s not that I don’t like the dog, it’s just that he comes and stands in front of the bay window and my dogs go CRAZY. One of my dogs went THROUGH the bay window after the stupid mutt a few months ago. Amazingly enough, he wasn’t even hurt, because he blew the whole front third of the window out of its frame rather than going through the glass.

And I’m fed up with HAVING neighbors who are drug dealers. Our next-door-neighbor’s brother is a high-ranking cop in a neighboring jurisdiction, and even HIS complaints to the local authorities haven’t put a stop to it. It’s not like they hide it. She deals her drugs out of her green jeep parked in the driveway. With her small children in attendance. (And Child Protective Services has also been called, and also does nothing.) Clearly, there’s something Deep going on here. At least she leaves me alone after I went out and yelled at her at 2 a.m. on July 6th last year for shooting off fireworks ten minutes apart in an otherwise slumbering neighborhood, which she’d been doing since midnight, and when I had to get up at 5 a.m. to take Mr. Butrscotch to the airport. She accused ME of being rude, but I will say I earned my place for life with the rest of the neighborhood that night. :smiley:

Is that pointless and disconnected enough for this thread? I was feeling like starting a thread today, too, and couldn’t come up with a darned thing important enough. Thanks for providing me with a home for my meaningless ramblings.

Well obviously I’m here.
Move along.

Oh, man. Don’t get me started. I tried describing it to my husband once. Only once. It’s like someone has taken your guts out, sloshed them up in a blender and shoved them back inside with a rusty spoon. Times 1,000. And that’s just when you can get out of bed. The days when it’s the worst you feel like you’re about to give birth to a million writhing, chomping, salivating alien spawn about to burst through your stomach at any moment.

But chocolate sometimes helps.

So it’s bad then?

Since we met on the “a” thread, I thought it was somehow symmetrically appropriate to pop in and say hello to you on the “nothing” thread. So, hi there Lobsang. :slight_smile: keoo

And in the spirit of the “a” thread, I typoed my own name!:smack:

I’m all about a thread for people who can’t even come up with an idea that’s sufficently meaningless and pointless to start their own thread.

Let’s see, where to start? Well, I’m loving the weather we’re having in Southern California this Spring. We’ve yet to have a really hot day and by this time of year we could be feeling like boiled lobsters.

Yes, Lobsang, cramps are bad. Very, very bad! I used to have horrible cramps, but I had a hysterectomy and poof now they’re gone. Don’t hate me girls.:smiley:

If I could magically be any age right now, I’d go back and be 17. Old enough to date; I loved my figure; no real responsibilites… I’d even go back to having killer cramps if I could be 17 again…

If I was rich I’d travel the world, have a personal chef and fresh flowers in every room.

Oh and Lobsang, I love your posts. Your name is familiar to me as someone whose posts I enjoy reading. And with a group of posters this big, that’s really saying something!

Okay, carry on

When I see Lobsang, I think of that song “Sad Songs Say So Much.” Only now it’s “Lobsang says so much.”

Weird, huh?

I’m bored…

gimme some ideas

Drinking milk helps get rid of cramps. Weird but it works.

These cramps are maybe 2 on a scale of 1 being none, 10 being have to go home they’re so bad. Not terrible, but enough that I notice them.

The only problem is that maybe they aren’t period cramps, and maybe my Crohn’s disease is acting up. But I hope not, because that would suck majorly.

I’m hoping period cramps, personally.

Oh, and I still haven’t done any chemistry. Procrastionation, procrastination, rah rah rah.

Hi there…I remember you from that miles-long thread.

Hi viva, how ya been? I think of you every time Starship Troopers is mentioned.

Don’t hurt me, I meant that in a good way.:smiley:

Feh. I don’t want to talk about cramps. They’re icky and disgusting and real fun-killers. Besides, I’ve already vented my spleen in another thread…which I can’t seem to locate.

Spleen venting, by the way, is a common side effect of PMS.


Potatoes are yummy.

I wish I was at the beach. :cool: