So What did you do today?

I went to the pool and tried to get a tan. I am now red :slight_smile:

I also bought some replacement razors for my shaving blade. MACH 3!!!

Woke up from a weird dream about 9:50am. (this dream was freakin weird I tell you, freaked me out)

Got on the internet, made some coffee, checked email, sent email, listened to voice mail.

More internet, and more internet.

Let the dog out about 5 times.

Fed the fish.

Went to 7-11 to get smokes.

More internet — looking at HP’s site looking for a cool all in one printer/fax/scanner/copier. Think I found one but it’s not out on the market yet.

Peed several times – hey coffee is another rental beverage.

Ordered my father’s computer.

Okay, lame post but that’s all I have done all day.

Drove to the next county to meet with a summer school class that I was invited to “guest-lecture” to. We were at a museum, and we took the tour, heard the curator present, and then I was up. I talked for about fifteen minutes and the students were remarkably attentive, despite the fact that it was 98 degrees outside. Nice applause at the end, and the professor was happy with my presentation.

Went by the pharmacy on the way home to pick up a prescription.

Came home, got on-line, made lunch, talked to my neighbor, looked up movie listings for possible movie attendance tonight. Read newspaper, watched a couple of go-rounds of Headline News.

Now I’m getting ready to go out to my grandparents’ house at the lake to cool off a bit. :slight_smile:

Stayed home from work with bronchitis (or pneumonia, or emphysema or COPD or something – the antibiotic made my tummy hurt and I knew being nice to people at work would be impossible).

Got the weekly lecture from hubby about quitting smoking, but he was nice (?) enough to go get me a pack before he left for work, cuz I was almost out.

Checked e-mail. Someone on a list asked if I liked James Herbert (horror writer), and I said yes; she asked why, so I obligingly re-read a few chapters of “Moon” so I could respond halfway intelligently.

Checked the Board and let Iswote piss me off in the Pit.

Let the dog in, and out, and in, and now he’s tied to his special thingie outside for awhile.

Reading “Outlander” for awhile. Might turn on TV later. “Stir of Echoes” is on pay-per-view; might watch it.

All in all, a pretty decent day.

Woke up at 9:15, took shower, got dressed. (My 9:00 American Lit class was canceled.)

Went to Chem for exam. Did pretty well, I think :slight_smile:

Ate lunch at the Sub Connection on campus. Low-fat chicken fajita, if you are interested.

Went to American POlitics. COntributed that the Schenck vs. U.S. (1919) court case was violating consititutional rights. Got essay on presidential personality back - 94!! Learned that what the Supreme Court says is constitutional is what is constitutional - final word.

Came home and checked the SDMB.

Watched TV, made fun of Britney Spears on Rosie. Ewww.

Took bus to town with friends to rent movies (4 for $4), got American Beauty, Ever After, BIG, Before Sunrise, and Sleepless in Seattle (AB was extra $2.50).

Watching Golden Girls and typing here right now. Going to friends’ room to watch American Beauty and BIG in 15 minutes.

Won’t drink tonight. I have some tequila but last time I almost puked, so I think I will refrain even though it’s party night :).

Probably read for an hour and then turn in around 2 am.

Hope THAT was fuuuuun!!! :slight_smile:

Slept an hour past my normal time, so ran butt when I finally woke up at 6, had my usual Friday breaky with my boss, worked till noon, picked my son up from school, took him for an appt, went for slurpees, came home, and now im cleaning and yakkin.

Woke up during a pleasant storm.


Went to work.

Went to Subway for lunch. Ordered a 6" turkey with bacon. Complained that my drink was watered down.

Finished work.

Chased down the Postal truck.

Came home.

Said to my parents, “Have fun, you kids!” as they headed out the door to see Gladiator.

Now I’m using the computer…

Got up at 715, noticed I have little red bumps scattered over my arms, guessed they were insect bites gotten while I slept. Fought traffic to center city Philadelphia

Met up with other interns in my internship at large teaching hospital when I arrived.

Sat through a VERY boring (at first, anyway)lecture about the financials of the company my internship is with. I’m going to be a dietitian, not a financial analyst or whatever, which is why this was so boring-did not directly apply to me. However, we did discuss personal investing, which then began to wake me up.

Had lunch at hospitals cafeteria-for FREE! I love free lunch.

Had another lecture about more financial stuff. Set up a job interview at this particular hospital for next Friday.

Sat through an intern’s presentation on an article about supplementary feedings perioperatively improving nutritional status after surgery.

Left hospital to go parents house for the weekend, fought traffic getting out of Philadelphia, got here hour and a half later.

Checked email, boards.

Slept an hour.

Here I am, waiting for my friend to call, to maybe go to the bar.