What did you do today?

Today, I:

[li] Packed identical stuff into 80, count 'em, *eighty * boxes for UPS and another 10 for USPS in time for both pickups.[/li][li] Cut two banners-on-a-roll apart and folded the banners and put them away neatly. They each have 250 banners on them. [/li][li] Stopped to have a yummy lunch.[/li][li] Tidied up the office.[/li][li] Posted on the SDMB.[/li][li] Answered two e-mails.[/li][li] E-mailed a new person out of the blue and answered their e-mail.[/li][li] Set up e-mail & computer access for a new person.[/li][/ul]

Woohoo! How’d you guys do?

-woke up
-sprayed Waffle Off on the waffle iron, poured batter on, and then ended up having to scrape the damn waffle off of the iron anyway
-went to class
-ate lunch
-did not finish my French lit book (Adieu by Balzac, if anyone’s interested)
-went to class
…and here I am now. I still have to go to orchestra and then go watch L’Anglaise et le duc for French civ. Dinner around 8:30.

Woke up.
Went to have a bowl of cereal, realized we’re out of milk, had a couple of pretzel rods and a Pepsi instead.
Played a game of NFL Street on the PS2.
Read the cnn.com headlines.
Read the SDMB.
Took a shower.
Got dressed.
Went to work.
Read the SDMB.
Passed around some sheets for our office Super Bowl pool.
Read the SDMB.
Worked with a customer who had the nerve to interrupt my busy schedule.
Read the SDMB.
Ate some lunch while reading the SDMB.
Trash-talked the many, many Eagles fans in my department.
Read the SDMB.
Entered this post.
Checked my lottery tickets and found that I hit the jac…oh, wait, getting ahead of myself here.

Well, so far this morning I’ve woken up, had breakfast and come into the office.

I :

-Woke up late
-Went to a nearby cafe and finished reading “the alchemist” while driking a coffee and eating a croissant.
-Visited a chat-room and briefly talked about the “comedia dell’ arte” with a young student who write theater plays.
-Went to a small restaurant, ate an osso bucco and drank mint tea while updating my agenda
-Went to the swimming pool and found out it was closed on this day
-Searched all over my appartment for a lost item (that was of course in plain view)
-Briefly visited a friend I had not seen in ages
-Visited a new archery company and practised archery for a couple hours
-Bought a take-away dish in a turkish restaurant and went back home to eat it
-Visited the SDMB and posted in this thread
I now intend to :

-Call my mother
-Call a friend who had been threatened by a neighbor in order to know how things went.
-Write a couple mails
-Visit a chatroom to ask an online friend about her new job
-Clean up the mess I made while searching fot the lost item
-Hang out in another chatroom
-study some spanish and/or russian
-go to bed

Masturbated. A lot.

Hey, you asked! I miss my girlfriend and my libido is going crazy lately.

:dubious: Don’t look at me like that! Like you didn’t do it already today yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Went to hear Nelson Mandela speak in Trafalgar Square. Couldn’t hear a word he said because of the appalling bad sound system, but at least I can say I was there.

  • Managed to bake a perfect loaf of bread, after weeks of failed attempts.

  • Made a huge vat of spaghetti bolognaise; managed, between the two of us, to eat about a tenth of it.

  • Am about to: Work out a menu for my dinner party on Saturday. Yes, I am obsessed with food at the moment.

Got out of bed
Brush teeth
Doped a bit
Drank some tea
Doped a bit more
Bought a book online ($59 for a paperback :rolleyes: )
Doped a bit more
Put the kettle on for more tea

I love my job :smiley:

Got up, got ready for work…
Went to work… read the SDMB while waiting for the other people at work to get back to me with information I need to do my job…
Went home early because of an unusual sort of headache I’m still having…


Woke up, looked at the clock. 4:40 AM. Got up, peed, went back to bed for another 50 minutes.
Got up, realized I’d forgotten to turn on the timer on my coffee pot. Got irritated with myself.
Started coffee, turned on computer.
Sat down at computer while waiting for coffee to brew. Checked dope, posted some, checked e-mail and other morning sites. Drank coffee & smoked.
Took a shower, brushed teeth, fixed hair. Got dressed.
Drove to work.
Chatted with coworkers.
Got a muffin at the coffee shop.
Started working on a monthly report.
Realized muffin was not a good idea. Pooped.
Worked on report some more.
Had a conversation with my boss’ boss.
Pooped again.
Taught two classes.
Ate lunch.
Worked at the public desk.
Realized baked potato for lunch was not a good idea. Went to bathroom, no poop. Farted.
Putzed around before deciding to go home because I wasn’t going to get anything else done in the last 10 minutes of work, so should I pretend to do something or go home? I picked go home.
Drove home. Farted.
Checked mail, took trash out.

Now I’m here.

(ok, so the chinese food I had yesterday really didn’t do happy things to my stomach. The levels of pooping and farting were not at a normal level for the day.)

First I woke, then I went Downtown… to lookfor a job then I hung out in front of the Drugstore (well someone had to do it).

-Woke up
-Smoked and did the “3 S’s”
-Read the Dope
-Had an awesome lunch (Marios in Webster, Texas)
-Gave a ride to an odd guy with a strange story (claimed to be a retired NFL player).
-Looked at mobile homes on the Web
-Watched “Cops”
-Read the Dope

-Go over to WHEELIE’S house and drink his Beer (if he has any good stuff) and watch a DVD


[ol][li]Woke up[/li][li]Surfed a bit[/li][li]Took a nap[/li][li]Surfed some more[/li][li]Spammed Chimpy’s in-box with ~70 GMail invites on a lark[/li][li]Got kicked in the balls by karma when I backed up my garbage disposal[/li][li]Swore a lot[/li][li]Checked my mail[/li][li]Watched a movie[/li][li]Surfing again while contemplating a second nap[/li]Intending to order some food and play a few hands of Hold 'em with some Dopers later[/ol]

Woke up at 7:45
Did the bathroom routine
Saw that my D: drive was freshly defragmented
Had a smoke and a can of Coke, while I waited for the kettle to boil, and read the Dope and the latest entries in the Usenet fora where I’m a regular
Made a couple of CDs
Read the Dope some more
Petted the kitties
Waited for my ride to work. Late as usual. Left at 10:30. (S’ok, he’s my boss!)
Had to stop at boss’ house to get the CD of a program that would not have aired today, otherwise.
Read and edited 18 pages of underwriter announcements
Added 18 new underwriters to 3 different radio stations
Read the Dope
Continued the attempt to assign a valid expiry date to hundreds of underwriters on the station computers, some of which expired a long time ago but are still running due to incompetence on the part of the last person in charge
Recorded and edited various things to go on the air
Set up the parameters and keyboard shortcuts in a sound recording program for a lady I work with
Waited patiently for an hour and fourteen minutes for the news director to finish editing his four-minute newscast so I could play it on the computer. No such luck. He went on live instead.
Had many laughs with other people regarding the above
Got a ride home. Oops, had to stop at boss’ house. Watched him do an announcing session from his home studio, speaking by ISDN to somebody in Toledo
Got home. Checked on my recuperating wife. She was sleeping.
Read the Dope and had a cup of tea and a smoke
Wife woke up, had warm greetings and chat for awhile.
Learned I have a dentist’s appointment in three weeks.
Wondered if I could sign up with the Foreign Legion and get stationed somewhere before then
Came back to my studio. Read the Dope yet some more.
Replied to this post.
Wondereed what was for supper.

Let’s see. Today, I:

Woke up and did the morning routine.
Went to school.
Got my result for my science mid-term. I got 83%, which by my standards, is absolutely horrible.
Went to my classes.
Had lunch.
Went to more classes.
Went home.
Went to French school.
Went to Chapters.
Came home.

And now, I’m supposed to be doing my homework and studying for a civics test. But, I’m actually here, updating my LiveJournal and wishing I could sit in front of the TV and do my embroidery instead.

I did this.

I’m hoping that I won’t also have reason to post a link to it on the “dumbest thing you’ve done recently” thread.

[li]Woke up at seven AM and spent a wonderful hour in that not-sleeping-not-awake haze[/li][li]Figured out some tricky Greek grammer in class.[/li][li]Was 15 minutes late to work, because I’d planned on riding my bike, but my lock was frozen.[/li][li]Taught myself how to do some graphics work on a mac at work.[/li][li]Went to karate[/li][li]Ate a tasty sandwich for dinner[/li][li]Started my math homework already![/li][/ul]

Same morning routine - got up at 6:30, ate cereal, brushed and flossed and rinsed, not a poop day :eek: so I was out the door by 7:15.

Thursday is home health day. Today I performed the following skilled activities:

  • checked fasting blood sugar and administered Insulin, assessed lung sounds and did patient teaching re: diabetic regimen
  • administered IV diuretic via central catheter, spoke with MD re: pt. edema
  • performed extensive wound care on bilateral foot wounds using universal precautions, had wonderful conversation with patient re: health care and politics
  • performed wound care on pt. with altered mental status, afterwards she hugged and kissed me
  • checked random blood sugar and administered Insulin per sliding scale
  • wrote up visit notes for all patients who were seen today (while listening to American Idiot for the 900th time)
  • drove about 50 miles to accomplish all the visits
  • came home, watched Ellen dance, turned off TV, put cool eye mask thing on and closed my eyes for 20 minutes
  • turned on computer and checked e-mail and Celebdaq
  • ate Valentines Peeps while determining what to have for dinner

I had a great day! Thanks for asking!

Today I…

-woke up at 5:50
-decided that I wouldn’t have enough time to masturbate before my parents woke up
-went back to sleep
-woke up again at 6:30
-did my math homework
-began a Graphic Arts movie project
-turned in said math homework
-found out I have an 85% in that class, which is a lot better than I have been doing lately
-finally got to masturbate when my mom left to drop off my brother at his game
-began to post in this thread

Later today, I intend to

-finish writing this and click the “Submit Reply” button
-revise my English paper
-take a shower
-read the next chapter of The Silmarillion

Hmm. I woke up and fed Alex some lunch (I sleep late), and played with him outside for about 40 minutes before putting him down for a nap. After That Guy (Alex’s dad) left for work, I played some Madden '05 on Xbox before getting pissed off because I’m a bad loser. :slight_smile: I like playing against That Guy better than the computer because I can beat him, but he’s a sore loser, too, and doesn’t like playing with me.

About an hour after Alex woke up (we were playing hide and seek), my dad showed up with my brother, Adam, his girlfriend and a friend of ours because I had a bed frame and a mattress he (my brother) wanted. The mattress wasn’t part of the original deal though and I didn’t want to give it up, so he offered to clean my house for me in exchange. Good thing, too, because I hate cleaning but I’m having a Super Bowl party this weekend and planned on cleaning today anyway.

Adam, his girlfriend, and our friend stayed behind so Adam could keep his end of the deal. After my dad left, I called Domino’s and ordered a medium canadian bacon and pineapple, and a medium Philly cheese steak ($24.75, wtf?). While we waited, we watched Dodgeball.

Now Alex is sleeping, I’m here, Adam is playing Madden '05, his girfriend is watching a movie called Christina’s House, the friend left right after the pizza was gone, and my dishes still aren’t done. Oh well, good day anyway. :slight_smile:

Lost my post a second ago, so I’ll try again. This is fun. I’m really enjoying hearing about everyone’s day. Today I:

  1. Overslept and got to work about 30 minutes late. Turned out okay because everyone was out or also late so I wasn’t the only one.
  2. Diligently worked without even a teensy bit of screwing off (reading SDMB or checking personal email). This made me feel terribly noble.
  3. Got home early so that the cable guy could install cable internet on my brand spanking new laptop.
  4. Spent far too much time surfing the net on my brand spanking new laptop.

I did NOT do any homework which ostensibly was the purpose of purchasing my brand spanking new laptop.

I am about to:

  1. Finally shut off my brand spanking new laptop.
  2. Wash make-up off my face.
  3. Go to bed and actually remember to set my alarm.