What have you accomplished today?

I have:

  • Gotten a haircut.
  • Picked a bunch of dead skin off the soles of my feet.
  • Printed two (2) graphs.
  • Fixed a stupid I/O bug in one of my programs.
  • Started up a huge calculation which is currently grinding my advisor’s Solaris workstation into the dirt. (In retrospect, there were other things I could have been noodling around with, instead of watching this chug, so I should have fiddled around with those and started the massive job right before I left. C’est la vie.)
  • Written two (2) paragraphs of my thesis.
  • Resisted the urge to go down to the vending machine to get chocolate.

Are we impressed? What have you accomplished with your day?

  • Cut my fingernails

That’s about it I think…

Bought a rain cover for a future mountain bike purchase.

Quickly re-learned a bit of SQL to provide some complex information from a database at work.

Decided what mountain bike I want.

It’s my first day back so not much.

Cleaned out the freezer. Removed old and busted garbage disposal and replaced with newer, more bad ass version with much help from my lovely assistant Alias. I may clean out the fridge later now that all the junk can get tossed down the drain.

Right now, it’s Guiness time. :smiley:

Got outta bed.
Drank coffee.
Read the boards.

Got rid of digital cable in favor of the much cheaper basic. (Difficulty rating with 1 being easy and 10 being very hard = 9)

Wrote a kick-ass letter of reference (5)

Helped four students with research projects (2)

Ate an old-ish, spotted banana (6)

Actual “work” will be italicized:

-Got to work.
-Read the SDMB.
-Played my daily allotment of “Legend Of The Red Dragon”.
-Read some more SDMB.
-Retransmitted a batch of news articles that a customer lost.
-Read some more SDMB.
-Ate lunch.
-Started reading a new novel.
-Argued with a co-worker whether Edgar Ray Killen looks more like Uncle Junior or the Six Flags dancing guy.
-Read some more SDMB.
-Posted to a thread about what you did today.
-Got a promotion and a fat raise…waitaminute…

-Go downtown
-Drop off the money I owe my friend for the phone bill
-Pick up baking supplies

Now if I can only get around to making pie, I’ll be all set.

  • Made breakfast and lunches for my family.

  • Entered over one hundred ‘HHS Forms 1572’ into my company’s DocManagement system, in support of drug shipments to investigating physicians. Quite boring, really, but high attention to detail is required.

  • Rescued Intaglio from a potential automotive overheat situation.

I’m proud to say I just washed yesterday’s dirty dishes.

I cleaned the litter box.

I also fed bananas to Issy and made my bed.

As soon as I pull the chicken out of the oven and warm up some tortillas my day will be complete!

-Lounged in bed for an extra half hour to avoid the rush at work and to finish a good dream I was having.
-Got to work and felt guilty about lounging.
-Finished the damn ordering project I was assigned. Got to flirt with a stranger in the process.
-Had lunch and read part of a book.
-Became distraught that I forgot the good dream I had this morning.

Damn board!

I spent a good portion of the morning upgrading my cell service and phones, I was on hold/transferred 3 times after not being able to do what I needed to do online. The hold time exceeded 20 minutes total after chatting online with customer service who gave me an 800 number to call and spending 1 1/2 hours trying to find it myself.

listened to 7 voice mails, responded to only one of them.
attended 1 meeting
participated in 1 conference call
wrote a couple hunderd lines of code. (while on hold and during the conference call)
had lunch at my desk and read the boards, still reading them actually. :smiley:

Managed to get up.

WEnt to work, where I am trying to figure out & set up this new westernblot method for H. pylori IgG detection. Talked to some guy in Germany for 3 hours on telephone with the problems I was having. After doing the (long) procedure, I ended up with 95% positive rate (should be around 50%) for the second time. Now I am PISSED OFF!

Home eating dinner now.

  • Ate cereal.
  • Went to orthopedist and learned I do not need knee surgery.
  • Took the car to get a tire fixed (screw stuck in it).
  • Had lunch and then ice cream with dad.
  • Called the lawyers to let them know I don’t need knee surgery.
  • Called the hospital where I’m supposed to intern next year and I still don’t know who my field supervisor will be. Grrrr.
  • Had an hour-long massage.
  • Helped dad put together tonight’s chef salad, which I now must go eat!

I woke up around 10am grabbed the bhong fed the cat grabbed the bhong again played my favorite game in the whole world (Stoned Guy In The Shower) then I played guitar then I rolled one then I perused this forum a bit smoked some more petted the cat played guitar smoked more played more guitar read more on this forum smoked some more…

later I will smoke and play video games and more guitar and read some more HP&TOOTP and smoke more and then more guitar then bed

another perfect day! WOOT!


I rolled a twenty-sided die at least 96 times. Pseudarandom number generators aren’t secure, so…

I’ve knocked three items off today’s “To Do” list already, and it’s only 9.30am. The next one (finalising some role statements) will take me through until lunchtime though I suspect.

-Got up
-Read boards
-Edited a paper
-Beat an incredibly annoying mission of X-Wing(The Sullustian Leader one, for those who have played the game).
-Beat a much easier mission of X-wing
-Read Boards
-Read some Nieztche.

–Woke up
–Called work to see what time I had to go in
–Made an awesome sandwich
–Went to work where I eventually ate said sandwich
–Came home
–Came here

Today I:
[ul][li]Ate breakfast. An Australian Toaster Biscuit brand English muffin with marg, Vegemite, and cheddar cheese[/li][li]Talked to my cousin and uncle, after my other uncle sent me an e-mail telling me my cousin’s mother (and first uncle’s wife) died[/li][li]Passed the news on to my sister[/li][li]Got the trash out in time for the twice-monthly pick-up[/li][li]Edited a wedding ceremony[/li]Answered e-mails[/ul]