I've done absolutely nothing productive today and I'm proud.

I woke up late for work today, was rushing to get out the door and took one look out the window and realized it was gonna be a snow day. Whoo-hoo!

Let’s see just what I accomplished today: Hit the Straight Dope, went to washingtonpost.com to get the news (no school tomorrow!), did some general web surfing, played around on my GameCube, drank lots of coffee, laughed at my idiot neighbors who were shoveling their driveways at noon (have you people even seen the weather forecast?), chatted on the phone with a variety of people, watched some TV (something I almost never do) and just in general screwed around the house. I unfortunately didn’t find the time to make a snow man, but there’s always tomorrow. Oh, I did have to tell my brother to get lost when he showed up around 3:00 in his Jeep and was insistent that I needed to go into work. I swear his only reason for existence is to make my life miserable.

What I could’ve done today was clean the house, do my homework, finally organize my basement, maybe pay some bills and a host of other adult type things. Hell, I haven’t even checked my e-mail. But I figured days like this are rare so I’m gonna enjoy it to the fullest, especially since chances are I won’t have to go to work or school tomorrow either. Why people up north make fun of the fact that everything shuts down around here when it snows is beyond me, don’t you like having unscheduled days off?

So, any other MAD’s commit the enjoyable sin of sloth today, or did you succumb to temptation and actual do something productive?

I was productive—sorta. I did the laundry, and I cooked a meal. But yesterday I cleaned the bathroom! Took me two hours! I celebrated at the HouDopeFest…

Which is why I didn’t feel like doing much of anything today…

I commend your ability to do absotively nothing! Feels good, don’t it? :wink:

Remove all that interaction with other people, and I could welcome you to my life.

Yeh know, Asylum, I stopped by a grocery store around 4pm to get provisions and saw many employees who had the dedication and drive to forgo such personal indulgences and actually drag their asses into work…no hedonistic laziness for them; the call of the red smock was too powerful.

Lemme do a quick sum up here:

OP of thread works in a 36[sup]o[/sup] degree cooler in a t-shirt because he regularly breaks out in sweat due to the back breaking nature of the work. He also works an average of forty hours a week while going to school full time and yet has not had to take a single unplanned absence in years. He also works on a plan for world peace in his spare time.

Thread responder number three gets payed over twenty an hour to drink coffee and usually gets up well after noon. His largest claim to fame is having been thrown out of one bar twice in the same night.

As for my coworkers I’ll just assume they needed the money or were foolish; the store wound up closing around five or so which meant I would’ve had to go home halfway through my shift. So neener-neener.

This just sounds like a justification for laziness. Try as I m ight, I just can’t see anything else in it.

Keith Berry is right. It sounds like a justification for laziness.

Ain’t it great!!

I haven’t either, and I’m proud too. Difference is, I am at work!

Of course, depends on your definition of productive. Have I done anything I’m paid to do? Nope. Have I updated the page for my D&D game? Yup!

You make that sound like a bad thing…:smiley:

Jammies, Dope, and tv in bed. All day yesterday, and probably today, since the snow is up to my knees and I’ve had enough crappy winters where I’ve had to go out in it.

I’m at work, too. Only I have worked a little, maybe a total of fifteen minutes so far (I’ve been here for 6 hours). You can see how much work I’ve done by all of the posts on this message board.

I wouldn’t say I am proud of it. It kind of makes me have anxiety since I know I should be working and I am blatantly not working. Oh well.

Well, if it makes you feel better Keith, before I went to bed last night I broke down and did a thorough cleaning of my kitchen. I feel like I’ve let myself down. :frowning:

Say it ain’t so. I had you all lined up as my role model until you mentioned the c-word in conjuction with that k-word.

I actually succumbed to dread laziness myself today…at one point, while I was digging my car out, a group of local street urchins offered to help, so I let them.

They did a considerable amount of digging, plus pushed my car out of its spot while I steered…a long, hard chore.

Later I realized they probably expected money for their help, which of course I didn’t give them.

I’ve got you aced, Asylum. I live in Texas and I haven’t done anything productive in months.