What would you do if you suddenly got the day off from work?

Let’s say you go to work one day and when you get there there is a message saying you don’t have to work today. It could be that the computers are down, the project you are working on isn’t ready, your boss feels generous, there’s a gas leak in the building. Any reason you feel comfortable with. And the next day work will continue as usual.

What would you do? Feel free to set whatever limits you like. So, you might say “First choice-go skiing, second choice-go to the beach.” You could even run into the office and grab whatever work material you like and spend the day working (but you won’t get paid extra).

I’m really at a loss for what I’d do. Everyone I know works during the day, so I guess I’d go home and catch up on some stuff I have to do. Maybe go to a movie. Maybe do something outdoors if the weather is good. Maybe call friends I haven’t spoken to in a long time.

I’d probably get chores done, at home and shopping type stuff as well. Then, when the time arrives when I’d normally get home, I’d relax, get some reading or painting done and not worry about having stuff to do.

Have lunch with friends, watch bad daytime TV, read.

Ideally I’d do my laundry, clean my room, get a haircut, take care of a cell phone issue, book hotels and trains for my vacation and call some friends I haven’t talked to in a while.

In reality, I’d probably watch Sportscenter, realize I saw everything either last night or this morning and play xbox until I decided to go out for lunch. Then I’d take a nap.

I’m currently “at work” – I’m sitting in my home office, surfing the Dope, snacking on raisins and listening to some KRS-ONE.

If my boss called and said I could take the rest of the day off, then I’d be sitting in my home office, surfing the Dope, snacking on raisins and listening to some KRS-ONE.

Sad, I know.

Actually, now that I think about it, it would be nice though. Instead of having to wait until I get off work at 7:00 in order to spend time with my wife and daughter, we could actually go out and do something when they get home at 5:00.

Sleep. First I’d sleep. Sleep is precious.

Then I’d call a girlfriend, go pick up my baby from the sitter and we’d go to the zoo for the rest of the day.

First I’d be slightly pissed off, since I have over an hour commute. Couldn’t they have called me at home instead?

But then I’d probably go home and play games on the computer.

Gather up co-workers and head to the tavern.

Assuming it’s a nice day, if it’s early enough I’d head to the beach. If not, I’d run some errands, and then go home and read on my front porch, enjoying both the weather and either a nice iced coffee or a nice vodka and tonic, depending on my mood.

Today, I’d go home and sleep 'til I would’ve been off work. I’m tired.

Normally, I’d probably go find a new taqueria to try, and go somewhere to shoot pictures. Or just sit on my couch and watch five hours of Freaks and Geeks or Firefly or something.

Sit on my ass and read all day.

Exciting, no?

  1. Hope that it’s a Friday so I get a long weekend. Smile a lot either way.

  2. Grab my bowling gear and hit the lanes.

  3. Have lunch with my wife.

  4. Hop on the motorcycle and ride the canyons.

  5. Go home and take a nap.

  6. Continue developing my video game counterpart’s character in either MLB '07: The Show or Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07.

Considering that;

1> I work for a University
2> We get 20 days of sick time per year
3> My co-workers have already established a pattern of taking excessive sick days.
4> For political reasons, we cannot be punished for this, therefore making it “acceptable” and unquestioned.

I can pretty much call in sick at the drop of a hat, any hat, whenever I want, and not only will no one even blink, but I’ll still probably remain the non-supervisory person with the least number of sick days used.
Don’t envy me this. The environment sucks goat anus. Taking the occasional mental health day is pretty much a requirement to be able to continue putting up with the shit that happens there.

*Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
Gonna grab some afternoon delight
My motto’s always been ‘when it’s right, it’s right’
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?
When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day
And we know the night is always gonna be there any way

Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
Looking forward to a little afternoon delight
Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
And the thought of lovin’ you is getting so exciting
Sky rockets in flight
Afternoon delight…*


Wishful thinking. I’d probably get assigned chores. :frowning:

I’d clean the house from top to bottom, then go to the bookstore with a friend to look at trashy novels and drink coffee, then come home to run on the treadmill. Then I’d take a long, hot shower and go pick up my kid and take him to the zoo.

Today I’d go home and try to rest on the couch. (Kind of in pain.)

If I weren’t in pain, I’d either head to Russian River Brewing Co. downtown for a couple of beers, or to one of the local parks for a hike and a picnic. Or maybe all three.

Heh. It’s the curse of work-at-home. I’m going through a slow period at my job and it’s amazing how alike my life is when I’m working versus not working. The big difference is what’s on the screen, not what I’m personally doing.

You aren’t the only one… New ideas for work are so hard to come by!

I’d cook. A real meal. I never have time to do that. I’d probably nap in the sunshine and read a trashy novel, then ride my bike, surf the web… Whatever I felt like.

  1. Tell my wife so if she could take off, we’d have the day together.

  2. If she still has to work, then I’d do things around the house until early matinees started, and then I’d see at least one movie, probably two.

  3. Then get a jump on cooking dinner for her when she came home.