Your Typical Day

Pretty straightforward: what do you accomplish or do in a typical day? Week? Weekend? Month?

Do you have a structured routine, or do you just wing it? Be as detailed as you want.

I usually work the late shift at my job, which is 1:30-10:00 (12:30-9:00 if it’s a weekend) so I get up at 8, watch the channel 2 news for an hour until they sign off and then I switch to the “fake news” on channel 4. I call it the “fake news” because mostly they’re traffic and weather and a big plasma TV with pictures of the internet with other peoples’ emails and tweets on it from their website and paid segments from local businesses. Then at 10 I watch Price is Right, then at 11 I watch the reruns of the Daily Show and Colbert Report from the previous night, then I take a bath and get online and catch up on email and livejournal and facebook and any news about the Pet Shop Boys and the SDMB (of course) and have lunch and pack up a lunchbox for dinner and go to work. On days I don’t work I manage to waste all day online or run errands like shopping and taking the cats to the vet or getting the car washed or my hair cut, etc. Doing laundry. Sometimes I actually clean the house a little. You know how it goes. Junk like that.

Typical day- wake up at 6:30 am, lay around having those quick crazy dreams until 7, shower, watch some local Fox News bc I hate those newscasters the most, and like to start snarking as early as possible, leave the house at 7:50, at work by 8. Bust my ass with spouts of internet shopping and goofing off until 5, home by 5:15, after that, depends on the day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I watch American Idol with a friend that comes over, where we proceed to get drunk and make different recipes from scratch, Monday and Thursday is watching movies or going out for drinks with whatever friend is wanting to do something, and then the weekends are mixed.

I’m in my very late 20’s, so right now every Saturday is a wedding, sometimes it’s a birthday party for a friend’s little kid, Art Car Parade was this past Saturday here, go to a pool party and grill meats, whatever.

Once a month, the condo gets cleaned from top to bottom. Sometimes that’s once every two months, but there is constant maintenance cleaning. My errands get done sporadically. I dropped off dry cleaning last Wednesday which was done the next day, just picked up today on Monday.

So basically, I wing it. If I try to schedule my life, I get sick of the schedule, or friends want to do things which makes me more than happy to drop my schedule. Somewhere in there is eating out way too much, Too many new places open in Houston all the time, and I’m one of those assholes that has to be the first to go there. Luckily my boyfriend enjoys this as well.

Oh, and car hasn’t been washed in a year. That has to get done sometime this week. Maybe next. Probably a month from now, though. Sorry, I wrote way too much.

Typical day. OK. You should know that I’m a SAHM with two kids in 3rd and K. This would be a weekday:

Wake up 6.30, slowly gain consciousness until 7am and go walking with 2 friends. This is about 2 miles. Get back, herd kids into breakfast, shower, etc. until 9am when school starts. We homeschool, and have a sort of daily schedule. We go till 12, break for lunch and chores, then the older kid does a bit more school and we have rest time until 3pm–in theory; frequently it turns into something else. Afternoons we attend group classes or play with friends or maybe do errands (today was dance class). Then home, think of something for dinner, after dinner it’s evening chores and bedtime routine, lights out at 8.30, then my husband and I hang out together until bedtime around 11.

Today we didn’t do school, we did a lesson/field trip in civic responsibility and community action. IOW, we spent the morning hanging flyers on doorknobs (in a neighborhood downtown) as part of an effort to save the public library budget, which is about to be cut 50%–it will be open two days a week and have pretty much nothing in the way of proper services, and no new materials whatsoever. Our family has been very involved with that.

Typical weekday.

Up at 6:30
Work 8 - 4:15
Errand or two on the way home, home by 5:00
Out with husband to bar, store, or wherever it is we need to go that’s close by the house versus on the way home from work.
Home again by 6 or 6:30.
Husband eats while we watch whatever it is he recorded during the day (this is usually TMZ).
Watch tv together till about 8:30 or 9.
He goes to bed.
I stay up and watch tv.
Bed around midnight, 1:00 or later depending on TV.

Right now, I’m not doing anything because it’s summer and I’m still figuring out my internship. (I might be going to India!) But during the school year, it’s something like this:

7:45 am - get up
8:45 am - leave for school
9:10 am - be in first class (last year was Persian, next year it will be Russian)

After this, it varies from day to day. I still haven’t decided on my final schedule for next semester, but it’s shaping up to be:

International Human Rights Policy
International Security

Base of the Pyramid (a business school class on entrepreneurship in developing countries)
Urban Planning in Developing Countries
Values & Ethics (a required class that I really don’t want to take because I am already an ethical person, dammit)

When I’m not in class, I read. I usually have about 400 pages (sometimes less, sometimes more) to read a week, plus language homework. And if the work is not so so pressing, maybe I will go to the Middle Eastern restaurant down the street from school with my friends and we will have baklava and tea for a little bit.

11 pm - my friend and I will watch The Daily Show and then Colbert in the grad student lounge.
11:30 pm - the security guy will come through and ask what my friend and I are still doing at school. (The answer, for me at least, is that I never get anything done at home.)
midnight - go home. Sleep.

Wake at 5:30, stretch and warm-up;
Run 4-5 miles (alternatively, if nasty weather, have some morning sex);
Home, breakfast, check out Facebook, headlines & weather, make lunch;
Shower, dress, leave by 7:15;
Work, go to the gym at lunch, leave office by 5:30-5:45;
Home, kiss wife & kids, chat w/wife while she finishes dinner, and/or talk to kids about their day, maybe go over homework with them for a few minutes;
Eat with the family;
Around 7 go upstairs to oversee the kids’ showers, change, putter around;
Goodnight kisses & tuck in at 8;
Downstairs to read mail/discuss day/handle pressing family, financial, schedule and other matters;
Maybe read for 30-60 minutes, time permitting;
Around 9-9:30 we go to the couch and either cuddle/nookie, watch TV, or play Wii. Or some combination thereof;
Bed at 11-ish.

Weekends are a mixed bag, nothing is really typical. If we’re staying local, day is spent working on the house, inside or out. Church Saturday night, afterwards usually go out to dinner with the family, more house stuff on Sunday. We often are on the road on weekends, probably 20 times a year.

I’m usually woken up around 7 to feed the dog, because this is what she has decided we’re going to do. I lie in bed until she wants back in, then I sleep again until sometime after 9.

I get up and go to my home office to start work. See if there’s anything that needs to be addressed in email. Check facebook, do a run through the Dope. Address anything that needed to be addressed in email. Do whatever project faces me for the day.

I’m done by 5 or 6. Then I either walk the dog, do yardwork, go shopping, clean something or a mix-and-match of all of those with some sort of dinner inbetween. I try to coordinate things with the Indians games because I can really focus on any project when a game is on.

After the game I usually go to bed and watch taped TV shows until I pass out, no later than 1 AM.

I’m retired and live on a boat. I know how to operate every appliance except the alarm clock. No meetings, no deadlines, no delayed departures. When not doing regular maintanence I just kind of let the day flow over me. It’s the closest to Margaritaville I’ve ever been and I’m loving it.

Get up about 6:45. That gives me 45 minutes to an hour to:
[li]Pee[/li][li]Wash up[/li][li]Wake up The Littlest Briston[/li][li]Have TLB pee[/li][li]Let the dog out[/li][li]Turn on cartoons for TLB[/li][li]Make breakfast for TLB and myself[/li][li]Eat breakfast (while TLB watches TV and I surf the web for a few)[/li][li]Go upstairs, get clothes, grab my wife’s ass in passing[/li][li]Get TLB dressed[/li][li]Get myself dressed[/li][li]Pack up TLB’s sippy cups for the day[/li][li]Go out, start my wife’s van, and load it up with anything either she or TLB will need that day[/li][li]Come back in, walk my girls out to the van, buckle TLB into her car seat, kiss them both goodbye, grab my wife’s ass once again[/li][/ul]
Now that I have the place to myself and a little over an hour until I have to get to work. I pull a couple things out of the list:
[li]Shower [/li][li]Tidy up the house a bit[/li][li]Watch one of the back episodes of Jeopardy I have recorded[/li][li]Exercise[/li][li]Play with the Wii[/li][li]Run errands[/li][/ul]
Never all in one morning, but those are typical things I might do before work.

8:50: Time to get to work. I grab my laptop and take the long walk to the third floor.
8:51: At work. I switch the network from home wi-fi to the secured work network and check my e-mail. Then it’s time to see what today’s Woot is and then check the Dope.
8:58: Log in to work. For the next eight hours, it’s the SDMB, Facebook, IM, general web surfing, and occasionally a little actual work thrown in.

5:00: Log out, grab the laptop and head downstairs. Start boiling water for my wife’s tea.
5:10: Woohoo! My girls are home! Finish making tea, make a snack for TLB, and we all go to the living room to chat about our day. Then my wife goes on the computer while TLB either watches TV or plays with her toys, while I either relax or do whatever needs doing around the house.
6-6:30ish: Dinner.
7:30: Spend a little more time with TLB before it’s her bedtime.
8:00: Put TLB in her “ja-mamas”, as she calls them. Upstairs, potty, brush teeth, off to her room where I read her a story and then tuck her in.
8:30: Back to the living room where I talk with my wife for a bit, and then we start watching TV.
Sometime between 9 and 9:30: Go back up to TLB’s room to tell her to knock off whatever it is she’s doing and get to sleep already!
10:30/11:00: Bed.

I get up when I wake up and feel like getting up.

Get the newspaper, smoke some, crank some thrash or death metal on the stereo, read the paper and do my 3 Esses. Or 2 of them anyway (I don’t shave every day).

Then I usually play guitar for an hour, then maybe some WoW. Then more guitar, or steel drums, or sax or some other instrument. Maybe I’ll actually work on a song.

By late afternoon, I’m usually full of toasty goodness, so I head to the track to pound out 3-4 miles. I used to run 5-6 miles a day, but now I have to walk because of my ACL.

Then it’s back home for more toast and more guitar, maybe a movie. I read a lot too.

Before I know it, it’s like midnight, and I start to think about getting some sleep so I can do it all over again.

Oh, occassionally I have a gig, so some days I actually have to get up and go to work. :mad:

Wake up next to my husband, shower, make tea and oatmeal, slowly sip on tea while reading the internet and my hair partially dries, realise Oh Fuck it’s almost a quarter to eight, rush around making lunch and getting dressed, then realise I’ve done everything I needed to and have ten minutes left, so return to drink the rest of my tea and look at the internet…

Kiss husband goodbye, walk to work, get there a few minutes early, then work with bits of trying to find a way to entertain myself in the meantime. Study for an hour at lunch. Go home when I haven’t got anything else to do.

Walk home (hopefully not getting rained on), either make dinner or arrive at home with dinner made for me. Park at my computer, hang out with my husband or go out with friends, very rarely watch an hour of television…I can’t even remember the last time it was on. Sometimes have enough energy to study more. The test is next March, I’ve got lots of time to go.

Get to bed around midnight, read for a stretch and cuddle and sleep. I wish there was a bit more interesting things in the evening but other than that I’m pretty happy with it all :slight_smile:

If working at home, get up about 9 am. If going to cubicle land, about 7:45.
Commute if necessary. Start work ant 9:15.
Work to 6:15 with a nap around lunchtime.
Commute if necessary.
Cook & eat dinner while hanging out with wife, and possibly the kids, if one or more comes over.
Possibly take a walk.
Possibly watch mandatory TV show, if haven’t seen it: Tuesday, NCIS; Wednesday, Mythbusters
Practice piano for an hour, except Monday, when I have a lesson.
Maybe watch Jon Stewart.
Go to bed around midnight.

Get up late, preferably around 10.
Go get bagels.
Possibly do some house cleaning.
Take three-mile walk
Read for a couple hours
Practice piano
Take nap
Practice piano some more
Eat dinner
Read or watch TV
Go to bed around midnight.

Alarm is set for 6:40. Doggie alarm is set for 6:25 (or earlier.) I take my before eating pills, put on my robe, feed the dogs, let the dogs out, get the 3 papers, make breakfast, make lunch, and then lead the doggie parade back to the bedroom where they jump on the bed to snooze with my wife while I shave and get dressed.

Unless there is an earlier meeting, I leave the house at 8:15 and get to work slightly before 9.
I read e-mail. look at the Register and other useful sites, and make a list for the day.
I eat lunch at 12 or so.
I usually leave 6:15 - 6:30. I get home at 7, we eat dinner, then I walk at least one dog, finish reading the papers, watch the Daily Show and Colbert, and then try to do something useful.
I seldom go to bed before midnight.