Today I Drove Past a Major Federal Bust...

:eek:Holy Crap! I could not believe the number of vehicles/acronyms lined up on a rural highway to arrest ONE man. Here is the WSJ basic info on the bust.
Sad that this area of the country has a reputation for this kind of bullshit, but still… 50+ vehicles/firetrucks/paddy wagons/bomb disposal units representing at least 6 different law enforcement agencies (FBI/ATF/Homeland Security/Something something domestic terrorism/State Patrol/Sheriff) to arrest ONE man and search ONE house.

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Uh, that link goes to a Fedex package tracking page.

Looks like you bought something from woot!. :smiley: You posted your FedEx shipping info.

If it involved a meth lab, there are lots of noxious/highly explosive chemicals used in the process.

Oh crap. I reported it, asked to have it changed.

Anyway…here is the ACTUAL link:

So, when’s the delivery? :smiley:

And…no, no meth lab.
IED placed on an MLK Parade route in Spokane, WA.

Replaced link in the OP with the correct one.

Well, hell. Domestic terror? I’d have sent the alphabet after him too. The Branch Davidian case showed the risks of going in under-prepared against armed fanatics.

Thank you twickster.

Trying to think of a joke that involves this image but coming up short.

(Bust. Get it? Har har)

Here is a more in-depth report on the suspect and arrest.


Wow. I was wondering what happened with that case. I’m glad they got a lead and hope it’s the right guy!