Today's Coded Message

I repeat–

Please burn before reading.


The elephant has been immersed in Velveeta! Raise the purple underwear and skip merrily to victory!

Weatherwax has three {3} balls of Chutney to photostat.

The mica is in the red breadbox.



The Ferrets and Stoats have reached the pasturised river bank . . .


It has come to our attention that ************** last ******. While we ************* we are ********* that *** is **** part of our directive.

All staff *********************************************** or *************************** must ***************** by the ********** of *********.

Thank you and have a ************ day.

Meow, meow rowr meow mrow meow meow rowr mrow purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

catspeak rules!

The cheese is old and moldy, where is the bathroom?

Thanks, guys, I just spit hot black coffee all over my monitor.

[sub]I wasn’t laughing or anything like that, I just spit coffee all over my monitor


[sub]Ukulele Ike**-- you want us to do that?[/sub]
Well, OK–you’re the Illuminated Grand Commissar, I’m just a lowly Lesser Gilded Censor.

OK PEOPLE! LISTEN UP! Coded message from Ike!

It says–

De-coded that reads–



The Unkuleleied One Has Spoken.


The conductor told Timmy his horn was sharp. My clarinet is in the shop, but the bongos are on order. Rachmaninoff is dead and we stuffed him in the tuba. OVER

My hovercraft is full of eels. Only tessellated wombats are flat.

The cheese is upstairs with the umbrella.

Return the platypus to Sears, immediately.

Do not forget the cardboard David Hasselhoff.

I did not have sexual relations with THAT woman.

Send three and six pence we’re going to a Ball.

Two million Elvis fans can’t be wrong. The green guppy lives. FNORD!

My testicles smell like gouda.


My testicles smell like gouda.

You think I should use a powder for that or something?

If you sent away for your Junior blur camper secret decoder glasses, you should be able to solve the following riddle:

If you know the answer to the above riddle, send 23 proofs of purchase, $17.08 and a SADE to the Junior blur campers, and you can be qualified for the grand prize.



Disregard cardboard David Hasselhoff!

Do not forget the plywood David Hasselhoff.

If cardboard David Hasselhoff, all is lost!

Also–The Moose Is In The Loo. Pass The Paper.


The football has two of the monkeys pinned, and the goat is eating the duct tape.

tonight on Must See TV, Rachel tells the rest of the friends what they’ve been suspecting all along. Looks like Ross is a daddy!!!